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James Kernaghan
(1946-    )

James S. Kernaghan was born in Massachusetts in 1946, the son of Marguerite L. and Stewart W. Kernaghan of Pittsfield, Massachusetts. He began building a mineral collection at an early age, and was shipping specimens to other dealers at the age of 9, via his mail-order business called "Mineral Specimens" (from his parents' home at 162 North Lenox Road). He was the youngest member of the Greylock Mineral Club.

Kernaghan attended the South Dakota School of Mines, where he earned a degree in Geological Engineering in 1966, and served as Assistant Curator of the school's mineral collection; he later earned his M.S. Degree in Geology. In 1977 he was co-owner of Geological Educational Materials (GEM), a Denver-based national supplier to schools and colleges. This became GEO Science Industries (wholesale) and Geoscource (retail) in Fort Collins, Colorado; he and his wife Belinda currently live in Fort Collins.

MILLER, M. C. (1977) The case of the strange fossils. The Berkshire Eagle, October 5, 1977, page 23.
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