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Ralph C.  Gosse
(1932-    )

Records for Albany, New York indicate that a Ralph (Raphaelo, Raffaelo) Gosse, born in Italy on November 9, 1880, emigrated to the United States in 1902, where he found work as a laborer for a newspaper. The 1927 Albany Directory lists him as a "business agent," and in 1941 as a "truckman." He had a wife, Mary (Fusco), and at least seven children. He died in Albany in June 1972.

Ralph C. Gosse, the proprietor of Minerals & Gems, in Albany, New York, was born in Albany, New York in March 1932, the son of the above-mentioned Ralph Gosse from Italy, with whom he appears in the 1957 Albany City Directory, as an "assembler" working for CMP Corporation. His wife's name was Marcia. He dealt in mineral specimens and gem rough, and it appears that he was also a master tobacco-pipe maker.

A letter on file shows that his address (as a dealer) is the same as that given in his published articles; he was dealing in specimens at least as late as 1968. His published articles in Rocks & Minerals appeared from 1956 to 1970, including the following:

(1970) "Index of gemstone occurrences--Brunswick, Canada
(1969) "A catalogue of Massachusetts gemstones" (9 parts)
(1968) "BariteŚNew York's banded gemstone"
(1968) "A gravel pit in Saratoga, New York"
(1968) "Two lost gem garnet localities in Massachusetts"
(1968) "Gold, Vermont's elusive metal"
(1968) "Notes on unusual New England gemstones."
(1962) "Jade of Wyoming."
(1962) "Ornamental stones of the Albany, New York area"
(1960) "A find of 10,000 Herkimer diamonds"
(1960) "Dumortierite, a deep-hued gem."
(1957) "Strontianite at Schoharie, N. Y."
(1956) "Greenfield, New York chrysoberyl locality"

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The Mineralogical Record - Ralph C.  Gosse Ralph C. Gosse (from his 1968 article on "Barite--New York's banded gemstone")
The Mineralogical Record - Ralph C.  Gosse 50 x 88 mm
The Mineralogical Record - Ralph C.  Gosse 50 x 88 mm
The Mineralogical Record - Ralph C.  Gosse
The Mineralogical Record - Ralph C.  Gosse From a 1968 letter.
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