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Theodore H. Wise
(1867-    )

Theodore H. Wise (originally Weiss?) was born in 1867 and lived initially in Wheaton, Illinois. In 1884 he began publishing a magazine called the The Young Mineralogist and Antiquarian. It lasted until 1885, and in general was well done--a surprisingly good job showing a substantial education and language facility for a 17-year-old. When the second issue came out, The American Naturalist reviewed it, saying that "The editor is a boy seventeen years of age. The journal is very creditable, and will doubtless be useful to young collectors." In May of that year (1885) Wise incurred the wrath of W. E. Skinner, publisher of The Agassiz Journal, by accusing him of republishing articles from The Young Mineralogist and Antiquarian without giving proper credit. A scathing series of articles by Skinner followed, attacking Wise in the most vitriolic terms, making every effort to destroy his reputation and cast him as a fraud artist and criminal. Unable or unwilling to fight back or dispute the charges, Wise immediately closed his fledgeling publishing enterprise, and Skinner was rid of a competitor.

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