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Robert Allan

Robert Allan was born in Edinburgh, Scotland on October 12, 1806, the son of the prominent merchant, banker and mineralogist Thomas Allan (1777-1833; after whom allanite was named). He attended Edinburgh High School and Edinburgh University, and received his certification as an Advocate in 1829; he also worked as a banker and stockbroker, but his principal love was mineralogy, which he studied under the guidance of his father and Wilhelm Haidinger (1795-1871). He was a life-long mineral collector, often participating in collecting excursions with his father and Haidinger to all of the major European mineral localities of his day.

Robert Allan published only two mineralogical works: A Manual of Mineralogy (1834) and his revision of William Phillips's An Elementary Treatise on Mineralogy (1837).

He was elected a Fellow of the Geological Society in 1828, and of the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 1832. Eventually he inherited his father's mineral collection, which he later sold to Robert Greg, whose collection ended up finally in the British Museum. He died in Edinburgh on June 6, 1863, and was buried in Dean Cemetery, Edinburgh.

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The Mineralogical Record - Robert Allan
The Mineralogical Record - Robert Allan
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