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Dennis Mullane

Dennis E. Mullane was born in Detroit, Michigan on July 1, 1921, the son of Irish immigrants Margaret E. Mulroy and William A. Mullane; William was a prosperous merchant who owned his own store. Dennis and his wife Ida B. (1927-2004) moved to California around 1953/4, and began rockhounding and mineral collecting about a year later. They traveled all over the Southwest, Northwest, and Midwest looking for minerals. Their favorite places were Bisbee, Arizona, parts of New Mexico, and Baja, Mexico. They enjoyed life in the mineral world so much that they went into the mineral business and started doing shows around 1962, under the name Mullane's Rocks and Minerals.

In the early 1970's they purchased a house in Bisbee, Arizona, where they could stay when they came to Bisbee to search for minerals. They really enjoyed their time in Bisbee, and fixed up the house, selling it a few years later. They purchased several mineral collections during the 56 years they were married.

"Mul Lane" (and the mule) is a registered trademark used for Lapidary Materials--namely, gemstones, jewelry and precious metals (gold, silver and alloys thereof)--registered by Ida B. Mullane (doing business as Mullane's Rocks & Minerals). In 1981, when she registered the trademark, she and Dennis were living in Palmdale, California. The trademark mule, with and without the "Mul Lane" lettering, appears on their specimen labels.

Dennis died on May 24, 2007 in Los Angeles. His obituary in The Rock Slab News (the newsletter of the Searchers Gem & Mineral Society, Anaheim) read:

"Longtime Show dealer Dennis Mullane passed away on May 24 due to complications from pneumonia. He and his wife Ida, who passed away about two years ago, were fixtures in our Show up until they retired a few years ago. They will be missed by anyone that they ever encountered in the club. They were like your own grandma and grandpa and always had a smile and a story for anyone interested at the Searchers Show."

Dennis and Ida's daughter Sandra and her husband Bob Waters had started collecting minerals and taking part in mineral shows in 1983; she inherited her father's collection upon his death and merged it with her own. It was all sold to Rob Lavinsky (the Arkenstone) in late 2008.

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