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Claude Bégin     

Claude Bégin is a Montreal mineral dealer currently operating under the name Centre Mineralogique - Mineralogical Centre COBECO. He started his mineral business in 1983, and attends the Tucson show every year, though he is not a mineral collector per se. He specializes in Canadian minerals, fossils from all known great localities, over 300 mineral species from worldwide localities, and a wide variety of meteorites.

In 2002 Begin scored a major discovery at the Jeffrey mine in Quebec: a vein there yielded over 3,800 specimens of some of the world's most beautiful vesuvianite crystals and crystal clusters in eight different colors; crystal size varied from thumbnail to museum-size specimens weighing several kilograms. The Cobeco Mineralogical Centre was able to secure around 90% of all the specimens collected from this important find. The quarry closed shortly thereafter, making the find all the more important.

Bégin is a school teacher by profession; his hobby is mathematics.

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The Mineralogical Record - Claude Bégin Label from 1983, shortly after Clause Begin began his business.
The Mineralogical Record - Claude Bégin 51 x 70 mm; label from 1990.
The Mineralogical Record - Claude Bégin Label from 2001, showing the COBECO ("Claude O. Begin Company") name.
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