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Cal Gettings

Calvin Otho Gettings was born in Ohio on April 3, 1905, the son of Ella Simmons and Claude Rittenhouse Gettings, a Toledo blacksmith with his own shop. In 1928 he married Dessena Victoria Eunice Heilman, and they had two sons, Theodore Calvin Gettings (in 1929) and Terrance Otho Gettings (in 1930). Cal later remarried, to Maxine E. Biggie, with whom he had son Duane Gettings (in 1936) daughter Carol Yvonne Gettings (in 1938), Celeste (1950) and Dwight (1953).

By 1930 he was working in Toledo as a Sunoco gas station attendant. He eventually took over management of the station (located at Starr and Dearborn), which by the 1980s was the oldest continuously operated Sunoco gas station in the country.

Cal started collecting minerals in the early 1950s when his son Duane had to do a school project about minerals; this started his interest in geology. He was also a lapidary, and polished stones using tumblers. Cal was his own man and became a gemologist through personal study. He built an extensive collection of raw and polished stones. Cigar boxes full of stones were kept in the upstairs room of his "rock shop," which was a separate building adjacent to his gas station. Glass specimen cases adorned his home, and he had many large amethyst geodes. His Service station was small but filled with rocks and minerals and polishing machines constantly running.

Cal resisted modern improvements taking place in the service station business in those years. But because he had been selling Blue Sunoco for so long, and because he owned his own station, Sunoco did not pressure him to upgrade. He was well versed on many subjects from philosophy to religion.

He died October 1, 1990 in Lucas County, Ohio. His grandson Sean Gettings still has a portion of his collection.

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