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Josef Erber

Josef Erber was a mineral and natural history dealer in Vienna, Austria in the latter half of the 19th century. He was born December 14, 1824. In 1862 the Entomologische Zeitung mentions J. Erber's natural history dealership in Vienna, located in St. Ullrich, Siebensterngasse No. 29. The journal Zeitschrift fur mathematischen und naturwissenschaftlichen Unterricht in 1873 published a report by Dr. Carl Rothe on sources worldwide for teaching materials for chemistry and mineralogy. Rothe noted that "Very beautiful minerals are furnished by the dealers Erber, Eger and Lenoir in Vienna."

Josef Erber published a number of works between 1856 and 1868. In 1864 he published an article in the journal Verhandlungen der k. k. zoologisch-botanischen Gesellschaft in Wien listing all of the known amphibian species which he had found in the Austrian Kingdom over "more than 10 years" (i.e. since 1853 or earlier, when he would have been 19 years old or less). This is undoubtedly the same J. Erber as the mineral dealer, inasmuch as the author gives his address as "Sigmundsgasse No. 9," the same address as given on his specimen label. Other articles in the same journal (1857-1864) give the author's name as "Josef Erber."

The Pädagogischer Jahresbericht (1877) notes that Erber's dealership was established in 1860, and his latest catalog lists 887 moderately priced items covering all types of natural products, sold individually or in collections. His taxidermy and alcohol preparations were said to be particularly fine, and had been exhibited at the recent Paris Exposition.

Many years later, in 1918, the Annalen des k. k. naturhistorischen Hofmuseums, the Natural History Museum in Vienna, mentions having exchanged (in 1917) 200 mineral specimens for meteorites from the mineral dealership of J. Erber in Vienna. The original Josef Erber died on April 9, 1882, so this must be his successor, perhaps a son of the same name or at least operating the business under his late father's name. The various references cover a 55-year period, from 1862 to 1917 -- quite a long-lived dealership.

Biographische Wiener entomologische Zeitschrift, 1, 104 (1882)
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The Mineralogical Record - Josef Erber
The Mineralogical Record - Josef Erber 32 x 60 mm. An Erber label from the Karlheinz Gerl collection.
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The Mineralogical Record - Josef Erber 47 x 61 mm
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