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Henri Besairie

Henry Besairie was among those French geologists and mineralogists who were sent to Madagascar to study the mineral resources and liked the country so well that they never returned to France. Practically all geological work in Madagascar took place during the French colonial time (1895-1960)--the golden age of Madagascar's geology. The then-vigorous Madagascar Geological Survey (Service Geologique) was headed from 1930 until national independence in 1960 by the still legendary Henri Besairie, who is considered to be the "Father of Madagascar Geology." He established Madagascar's National Museum of Geology in Antananarivo in 1923. His two-volume work on the mineral deposits of Madagascar (Gites Mineraux de Madagascar, 1966) is considered a classic; his geological maps of the country (1964, 1969) have never been surpassed; and his bibliography of Madagascar geology and mineral resources (1971) runs to several thousand titles.
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