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Paulí  Figueras Arbós
(1961-    )

Paulí Figueras Arbós is a mineral dealer (Minerals Paulí) in Cambrils, Tarragon, Spain. He was born in Reus, Catalonia, Spain, on January 20, 1961. By profession he is an instructor in a secondary school in Cambrils, teaching economics, business administration, and software applications for the business world.

Paulí's passion for minerals was born in 1968 through a friend, a teacher named Josep Fuster. Eight years later he attended the 1976 International (Expominer) Mineral Fair in Barcelona, an experience that changed his worldview of minerals, inspiring him to become a species collector. He likes high-quality crystals of the more common species, such as quartz, calcite, fluorite, gypsum, gold and silver; as well as classics such as manganite from Ilfeld, gold from Brusson, anglesite from Touissit, cavansite from India, galena from Dalnegorsk, emerald from Muzo, and topaz from Katlang, among others. But his special passion is “systematic” species collecting (macro crystals only, no micromounts). Euchroite, clinoenstatite, ferroedennite, hydroxylclinohumite, xonotlite, pikromerite, niobophyllite, petzite, hibonite, amesite, vitusite and shigaite are just a few examples.

With his fellow species collector Francisco Magrané, Paulí attends the various European mineral shows in Sant Celoni in Catalonia, Barcelona, Madrid, Lyon, Marseille, Sainte Marie aux Mines, Munich and occasionally exhibitions in Italy, Austria and Finland. In addition to selling at shows, he and Francisco have made numerous buying trips to Morocco, Brazil, the US, Mexico, Sweden, Russia, Romania, Switzerland, France and of course, Spain.

Paulí continues to do the show circuit in Europe, but his greatest satisfaction in the world of mineral collecting has come from meeting people who have helped him to grow, mineralogically speaking, including most especially Joan Vinyals. That is why Paulí's motto is that “when you love minerals, it is forever.”

In 2008 he launch his own website to trade, buy and sell minerals:
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