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J. M. Ackner

Johann Michael Ackner, archeologist and naturalist, was born in Sighisoara, Romania on January 25, 1782. He was educated in his hometown high school, and studied philosophy at the evangelical Gymnasium in Hermannstadt (Sibiu), Romania. In 1805 he went to Wittenberg, but after barely completing his first year his studies were interrupted by the occupation of Wittenberg by the French. He then studied in Göttingen, and after finishing his university studies he traveled on foot across a large part of Germany, France, Switzerland and Italy. After returning to his homeland 13 years later he taught at the Hermannstädt school, as a professor of philology and archeology. There in 1809 he published his Antiqua musei Parisiorum monnmenta.

In 1821 Ackner was elected pastor by the Protestant community in Hammersdors, near Sibiu. He found in his new position enough leisure time to pursue his favorite studies. He traveled frequently during the years 1832 to 1847 in order to study the ancient Roman inscriptions in Transylvania and neighboring countries, and also visited interesting mineral localities and fossil sites. These trips resulted in a large number of published papers on archeological and natural history. He also assembled a rich and beautiful collection of antiques, coins, fossils and mineral specimens in the course of his travels. His most outstanding works (published in 1855) describe the mineralogy of Transylvania with comments on the geology. He died in Hammersdors on August 12, 1862. His mineral collection was acquired by the Science Club in Sibiu.

Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie.
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