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Ned Blandford

Ned Blandford's father, George Edwin Blandford, Sr. (1896-1974), was born in Washington, DC, the son of Florence and George B. Blandford, a jailhouse guard, hotel detective and clerk for the Diplomatic Service. He lived in Washington, DC and McLean, Virginia for much of his life and worked for the Treasury Department in Washington and as a bank accountant. He married Helen F. ____ in 1920, and they had two sons: George Edwin Jr. "Ned" Blandford (born July 24, 1921; died March 29, 1995) and Mark (1926).

George Edwin Blandford, Jr., nicknamed "Ned" to distinguish him from his father, was an enthusiastic field collector, and sold specimens under the name of the Orbit Mineral Company. His very fine garnet collection was built in part by trading apophyllite specimens he collected with John Medici and others at Centreville, Virginia to various institutions including the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

After Blandford's death Carter Rich purchased his garnet collection and dispursed it, some specimens recently going to mineral dealer John Betts.

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