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Edge Goldstein

Abraham I. "Edge" Goldstein (5 Feb 1921 - 5 Dec 1994) was a Geology graduate of Brooklyn College. He got his nickname, "Edge" in the military during World War II, because he was respected as the only "educated" person in his battalion. "I helped the others to write letters and read before they died," he said.

After the war, Goldstein operated a small side-business in gems, jewelry and minerals out of his apartment in Brooklyn. Allen Abel wrote about visiting Goldstein in his memoir Flatbush Odyssey (1993). He said: "Edge's living room contained almost no furniture at all, only a few display cases of rare minerals, and a coffee table upon which was resting an amethyst the size of a bowling ball."

Edge was a close friend of Carl Krotki (1914-2002); Carl's daughter wrote of him: "Every second Friday night for twenty years Edge Goldstein came to dinner. After the meal, the table was cleared, and Edge emptied his pockets. Out came cut stones, cabochons, obscure gems, common amethyst, odd colors of garnet, sapphire, and jade. Onto the dining table spilled a private graduate course in mineralogy and gems, taught to my father and all of us by the master himself."

Edge never married. He lived alone in Brooklyn, and ran the biology lab at Brooklyn College. Most of the fine minerals that he collected himself were kept wrapped up and under his bed. He was an experienced field collector, and often collected with Frederick Pough and Carl and Saul Krotki. He was a mentor to many young mineral collectors and mineralogists; Joel Arem dedicated one of his books to Edge.

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