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Josef Teiner
(fl. 1860-1890)

Josef Teiner was a mineral collector located on Parkstrasse in Carlsbad (now Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic). Stereo photo cards depicting Carlsbad are known with a stamp reading Haupt Depot – Josef Teiner – Carlsbad, so it would appear that he was a dealer, and that his "main warehouse" (Haupt Depot) was in Carlsbad.

Josef Teiner is probably the same person, or at least a member of the family, whose labels carry the name Brüder Teiner ("Brother Teiner") in Carlsbad. That company (called Teiner Freres in French) sold scientific instruments and pocket barometers as well as mineral specimens. The book Carlsbad and its Environs (1886) by John Merrylees lists Brüder Teiner as an optician in Carlsbad, at the Goldener Harfe ("Golden Harp") in the Alte Weise ("Old Meadow"). For many years the Teiner shop occupied the building which is now one of the oldest houses in Karlovy Vary, currently occupied by the Zlatı Klíč Regional Museum.
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The Mineralogical Record - Josef Teiner A stereo card showing Carlsbad, sold by Josef Teiner in Carlsbad, Czech Republic.
The Mineralogical Record - Josef Teiner Pocket barometer (1860-1870) made and sold by Brüder Teiner, Carlsbad
The Mineralogical Record - Josef Teiner 43 x 74 mm,
Josef Teiner label
The Mineralogical Record - Josef Teiner 51 x 75 mm
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The Mineralogical Record - Josef Teiner 49 x 78 mm
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