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Eldon George
(ca.1920-    )

Eldon George was born and raised in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia on May 9, 1931, the son of Gertrude Martin and Capt. James Edward George, Jr. He found his first fossil at the age of nine, a discovery which led to a lifetime of collecting fossils and minerals. In 1948 he opened the first rock shop in Canada: the Parrsboro Rock & Mineral Shop & Museum at 39 Whitehall Road in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, specializing in "fine mineral and fossil specimens from worldwide sources as well as lapidary materials and prospecting supplies."

In 1984 he achieved local fame by finding fossil tracks of the smallest known dinosaur (Coelophysis) at Wasson's Bluff, a well-known zeolite collecting area near Parrsboro; they are on display in his museum. He was later profiled in National Geographic, and travel guides always recommend a stop at his shop and museum. Recently he made news with his discovery of a fossilized insect with three pairs of wings.

He originally conceived the idea of an annual "Rockhound Round-Up" in Parrsboro during the 1960s, and was largely responsible for making it happen. In 2007 he underwent open-heart surgery, but is alive and well, and still living in Parrsboro; the shop was put up for sale in 2008.
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