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William S. Beekman

William S. Beekman was born in Massachusetts in 1867 and worked as a drug clerk and chemist for a drug company in West Medford from the late 1880's to the 1900's. He also collected and dealt in mineral specimens. His only ad appeared in the December 1885 issue of The Exchangers' Monthly. It reads: "Gems, Minerals, and Fossils. Choice mineral specimens for Amateurs, Students, Schools, and Colleges. Send for price list to W.S. Beekman, Box 108, West Medford, Mass." He wrote several short articles for The Exchangers' Monthly, including one on pseudomorphs and one on quartz in 1888, and he wrote a detailed article for the September 1906 issue of The Mineral Collector describing his own mineral room and exhibit cases, including a photo of same (shown here at right). He had moved to Cincinnati, Ohio by 1906, and Seattle by 1930. In 1931 his mineral collection was placed on exhibit at the University of Washington, Seattle. Peter Zodac described it as consisting "mainly of well crystallized and unusually fine and large specimens, well displayed in illuminated glass cases."

Medford, Massachusetts City Dirtectory (1890)
ZODAC, p. (1931) With our members. Rocks & Minerals, 6 (1), 40.
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The Mineralogical Record - William S. Beekman 50 x 71 mm
The Mineralogical Record - William S. Beekman William S. Beekman's home office and mineral room, as pictured in the September 1906 issue of The Mineral Collector.
The Mineralogical Record - William S. Beekman Beekman ad from the second issue of Exchanger's Monthly (December 1885)
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