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Daniel  Blatz
(fl. 1878-1908)

Daniel Blatz in Heidelberg is referred to as a mineral dealer by Paul Groth as early as 1878 (in Die Minneraliensammlung der Kaiser-wilhelms-Universitat, Strassburg). The "Mineralien-Comptoir von D. Blatz in Heidelberg" advertised mineral collections for sale in the Pharmazeutische Zentralhalle für Deutschland in 1881. His Heidelberger Mineralien-Comptoiris referred to by Victor Goldschmidt in 1900 and 1905 (in Zeitschrift für Kristallographie in 1900, and in Tschermak's mineralogische und petrographische Mitteilungen in 1905); other sources refer to Blatz' dealership as late as 1908. Julius Ruska commented in a memoir in 1937 how grateful he was to Daniel Blatz:

"I still recall the old Daniel Blatz, who continued Lommel's mineral dealership at the Kurzen Buckel. In my efforts to bring our collection up to a higher standard, I could have had no better friend and advisor. How many afternoons did I spend with him over the years, selecting from the drawers the most beautiful specimens and crystals! He was untiring, and was pleased about each visit I made, even if it did not bring him much profit."

It appears from this that Daniel Blatz took over the Heidelberg Mineralien-Comptoir of J. Lommel when Lommel retired or died. No labels specifically attributed to Blatz are known.
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The Mineralogical Record - Daniel  Blatz Blatz' ad in the Pharmazeutische Zentralhalle für Deutschland, vol. 21 (1881) offering collections of minerals suitable for use as Christmas presents.
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