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James W. Beath

James Wilson Beath was born in Philadelphia on May 27, 1849, the son of Scottish immigrants David Beath and Robena Wilson. He married Anna Kiger in 1874 and together they had at least eight children. In 1886 the Pennsylvania Historical Review Gazetteer, Post-Office, Express and Telegraph Guide : City of Philadelphia : Leading Merchants and Manufacturers had this to say about him:

"James W. Beath, lapidist and mineralogist, No. 111 South Tenth Street. Mr. Beath imports and deals in stones and gems for jewelery, and in fine minerals of all kinds for cabinet specimens, and cuts and polishes to order gems, precious stones and minerals, and in this respect is not surpassed in this city or elsewhere, his work maintaining the highest reputation for artistic and skilful execution and for general excellence. This is the only lapidary establishment in America occupying a first floor, and is one of the best equipped and conducted to be found anywhere. Mr. Beath established this business in 1869, and from its inception to the present day he has enjoyed a continuous and uninterrupted career of prosperity and public favor. The premises occupied are large and commodious, and a magnificent stock is carried, employment being afforded to several expert and ingenious workmen. Mr. Beath is a comparatively young man, being about thirty-six years old, and is a native of this city."

James W. Beath died in Philadelphia on January 23, 1914.
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