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Lars Johann Igelström

Lars Johann Igelstrom, prominent Swedish mineralogist, was born in Yngshyttan near Persberg, Värmland, Sweden on February 10, 1822. He studied at the Filipstad Mining School from 1841 to 1842, majoring in mineralogy and chemistry, then studied chemistry in the laboratory of L. F. Svanberg in 1844. He worked for a few years in Finland as a field geologist, then returned to Sweden to study under a scholarship from the Jernkontoret (Swedish Steel Producers Association) until 1857. Mineralogical travels in Sweden during the summers where followed by winters working in the laboratory. He described several new minerals from the phosphate-bearing quartzite at Horrsjöberg, Värmland.

In 1859 Igelström moved back to his family home at Persberg, where he remained until 1871, continuing his scientific work on his own, even though he had no official position. Following his move to Gräs 1871 he set aside his scientific work for a while and became more heavily involved in farming. In the 1880's he resumed his mineralogical investigations, and described several new species from Sjögruvan (many of them now discredited).

Igelström's accomplishments, judged in the light of his own time, rank him as one of the major swedish mineralogists. He was extremely productive during his lifetime, publishing more than 100 articles and short notes in geology and mineralogy in the major swedish journals, some of which were translated and published again in German and French scientific journals. He also published a textbook of mineralogy (in Swedish) in 1850, books on the mineralogy of Wermland in 1858 and 1871, a book on metal deposits in Sweden in 1861, and and a book on Swedish mineralogy in 1871(?). He died in Gräs, Sunnemo parish, Värmland, Sweden on May 15, 1897.

HAMBERG, A. (1898) Lars Johan Igelström. Geologiska FöreningenS i Stockholm Förhandlingar, 19, 498-508.
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