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Julien Drugman

Julien Drugman was born in Brussels, Belgium in 1875, the son of a wealthy family. After completing his studies in chemistry at the University of Bonn, he earned his Master of Science degree at the University of Manchester, in 1906. He then studied at Oxford, Heidelberg and Munich and, in 1910, became an associate of the Brussels Museum of Natural History. He travelled throughout the world to attend symposia and collect specimens, taking part in many excursions and scientific meetings in Europe, America and Africa. Whatever he did not have the opportunity to field-collect he acquired from mineral dealers.

His true passion was the study of twinned crystals, to which he devoted most of his time. Mining several deposits for specimens (at his own expense), he studied in particular the twinned crystals of andesine from EstÚrel ( C˘te d'Azur, Var, France), quartz from Belowa Beacon ( Cornwall ) and orthoclase from Goodsprings ( Nevada ). Drugman is also the describer of the new species legrandite from the Flor de Pe˝a mine in Mexico.

At his death, in 1950, he bequeathed the whole of his collections and his documentation to the Royal Belgian Instutute of Natural Science, consisting of over 4,000 mineral specimens (including innumerable twined crystals), on the condition that it shall be maintained as an independent unit and not integrated into the general collection.

In 1979 the new species drugmanite, a lead phosphate from Richelle, Belgium, was named in his honor by R. Van Tassel, A. M. Fransolet and K. Abraham.

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