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Louis Desbuissons

Louis-Édouard Desbuissons, geographer and mineral collector, was born in Paris on June 3, 1827. He assumed the post of Geographer to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in 1865, a position he held for more than 30 years. In 1879, he took part in the work of a major conference in Berlin, and in 1885 in the work of the Franco-Portuguese commission for the mapping of Western Africa. He was occupied later with the Franco-Spanish commission concerning Cape Blanc and the Muni River, and with the commissions on the Transsiberian railroad and the Franco-Brazilian dispute. In 1891, in recognition of his competence and his impeccable cartography, he was named a Member of the Central Commission of Geographical Work of the Ministry of War. In 1900 he retired as chief of the Geographical Service of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. In his retirement he wrote La Vallée de Binn (Valais). Etude géographique, géologique, mineralogique et pittoresque (published posthumously in 1909)—two of the labels shown here are for specimens of his from the Binn Valley. He died in 1908.

Société de géographie (France). La Géographie (1908) (vol. 18).
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