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Joseph Demarty

Joseph Demarty, a French mining engineer, founded the Comptoir Géologique & Minéralogique du Plateau Central, in 1891, located at Avenue de Royat, 17 bis in Clermont-Ferrand, France, and later at Chamalières. His attractive labels were printed by A. Waton in St. Etienne, France. Demarty was a member of the Société française de Minéralogie. Through his business he supplied individual mineral and rock specimens and sets to schools and collectors. He also authored many publications on the mineralogy and the geology of the central part of France and was one of the pioneers of the study of uraniferous minerals and uranium-bearing deposits following the active prospecting period at the beginning of the 20th century. He published, for example, five small documents on radium in Auvergne towards the end of 1920. He is also the author of Les mines d'or de l'Auvergne (1901), and a booklet on "Formation and organization of school museums, and the collecting, preparation and classification of the objects which must compose them" ( Formation et organisation des musées scolaires, et Récolte, Préparation et classement des objets qui doivent les composer, self-published ca. 1895).
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