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Max Davis
(fl. 1960's-1970's)

Max Davis was a mineral and gem dealer located at 38 Oxford Street in London, England. Originally, under the company name of Max Davis (Stones) Ltd., he dealt primarily in gem material, however, he expanded broadly into fine crystal specimens under the joint company name of Max Davis (Crystals).

Davis held the grand opening of his "New Crystal and Mineral Gallery" at the same address on October 27, 1969, with displays specializing in "rough-and-cut" pairs and museum-quality world-wide specimens.

He not only displayed sales stock in his gallery, but also many specimens from his personal collection. For example, he had a collection of garnet specimens from over 200 localities, apparently obtained mostly by exchange with museums and universities, that was exhibited but was "definitely not for sale." Davis later had a change of heart, and sold the collection of around 350 specimens to the Ulster Museum in Belfast in September 1973. The purchase of the collection was negotiated by the then Keeper of Geology, Phillip Doughty, who was active in buying mineral specimens for a planned new mineral gallery. Davis donated a small collection of 30 garnet gemstones to accompany the purchase of the garnet crystals. The Max Davis garnet collection was properly labelled and cataloged and is now stored in the museum's cabinets. Some of the best of Max Davis's garnet specimens and other minerals which the museum purchased from him (along with quite a few of his gemstones) will feature in the Ulster Museum's new mineral gallery, opening on October 22, 2009.

COOPER, M. (2007) Personal communication.
Personal communication from Kenneth James, Curator of the Geology Department at the Ulster Museum.
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