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Jean Danhauser
(fl. 1832-1836)

Jean (originally Johann?) Danhauser was a German naturalist and mineral dealer ("marchand de minéraux") in Paris, at rue de Seine St.-Germain no. 51. Records in the Natural History Museum in Paris show that they obtained a collection of the rocks (and probably minerals) of France and Germany from Danhauser in 1832, ranking him as one of the earliest European mineral dealers. His labels conveniently allow for the species name in French, German and English.

At the September 12, 1834 meeting of the Congres Scientifique de France, the moderator, Mr. Desvaux, brought to the attention of the attendees:

"… the catalog of the Comptoir Mineralogique et Geologique very recently founded in Paris, like that which the Baron Mr. Leonhard directs in Heidelberg. This new dealership will undoubtedly contribute much to the geological advances in knowledge in France, because it will provide at low prices exact collections of rocks and minerals, and the professors of the Jardine des Plantes will confirm the identifications. It is Mr. Danhauser, a German naturalist, who has founded in Paris this useful establishment."

Dagincourt's Annuaire Géologique Universel (1885) notes the Rouen Museum's acquisition of specimens of rocks and minerals from "chez Danhauser" in 1835. And Danhauser himself described (in 1836) the new species nussierite, a lead arsenate from Nussière, Rhône, France (it was later discredited as a calcium-rich pyromorphite). There is no record of him thereafter, suggesting that he had a fairly brief period of activity, from 1832 to 1836.
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