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Johann Alpenberg

Johann Nepomuk Mahl-Schedl von Alpenburg was born on October 22, 1806 in Grünburg, Oberösterreich. He founded the Tiroler Mineralien-Comptoir ("Tyrol Mineral Dealership"), one of the earliest mineral dealerships in Europe. In 1832 he married Aloisia von Lama, owner of Schloß Büchsenhausen. He was, however, more interested in literature and philanthropy than in minerals, and founded the Nibelungen Literature Circle at Schloß Büchsenhausen, and the Radetzky Association for invalid soldiers. He also founded the Tiroler Monatsblätter newspaper, and published several books on Tyrolean myths and sayings. He died April 1, 1873 in Innsbruck, Austria.

PFAUNDLER, G. (1983) Tirol Lexikon, Innsbruck, p. 243.
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