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Alvan G. Barrus

Alvan Stone Barrus (uncle of Alvan G. Barrus) was born on October 4, 1831 in the Goshen area, Hampshire County, Massachusetts, the son of Levi and Almeda Barrus. Alvan (G.) Barrus, the son of his brother Charles (1834-1904), was born 1868 and was named in his honor. In 1823 Levi Barrus purchased the Weeks Farm, on which was located granite pegmatites known to have produced tourmaline, white beryl, and other minerals. Alvan Stone Barrus inherited the Weeks Farm upon his father's death in 1877, but he is not known to have collected or sold mineral specimens. He was later elected a State Senator in 1882.

Alvan G. Barrus, the nephew, was born in Goshen on December 3, 1868, the son of Sarah Clarissa (Clara) Hill and Charles Stanley Barrus. He appears to have collected minerals in his spare time, as evidenced by the label shown here, and classified ads he ran. There were other mineral localities in the area as well as the family farm. The Lily Pond mine, for example, located 1 mile from Goshen and two-thirds of a mile from the village of Lithia (where Barrus lived), was a source of beryl in a variety of pale colors, all of which were originally given the varietal name goshenite. He ran classified ads in Rocks & Minerals as late as May 1934, offering Goshen minerals including 4-inch green tourmaline crystals for $1, as well as spodumene and goshenite beryl. His December 1932 ad announces the reopening of the "famous old locality at Goshen." In June 1933 he published a short article in Rocks & Minerals on mineral postmarks (post offices having the name of a mineral).

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