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SAFETY LAMPS–Horning–Methods of Lighting Miners’ Safety-Lamps–OCT 1999
SAFETY LAMPS–Johnson–Baby Wolf Safety Lamp Filler–JAN 2013
SAFETY LAMPS–Johnson–Baby Wolf Safety Lamp Filler–OCT 2008

SAFETY LAMPS-Johnson-Carbide Safety Lamps EUREKA-5 WINTER 1993
SAFETY LAMPS-Johnson-Handlan-Buck Mfg. Co. EUREKA-14 APRIL 1995

SAFETY LAMPS–Johnson–British Wolf Safety Lamp Filler–JAN 2013
SAFETY LAMPS–Johnson–John Davis and Son Dwarf Deputy Marsaut Lamp–JAN 2013
SAFETY LAMPS–Johnson–John Spence oil wick and safety lamp–APR 2000
SAFETY LAMPS–Johnson–Santini Carbide Safety Lamp–JUNE 2004
SAFETY LAMPS–Johnson–The Davis Derby Story–JAN 2008


SAFETY LAMPS–Johnson–Vest-Pocket Safety Lamp–SPRING 2002

SAFETY LAMPS-Mitchell-A Safety Lamp Decanter EUREKA-9 JAN 1994
SAFETY LAMPS-Mitchell-James W. Queen and Co. EUREKA-10 APRIL 1994
SAFETY LAMPS-Mitchell-Modern-made Baby-size Lamp EUREKA-18 APRIL 1996
SAFETY LAMPS-Mitchell-Stanley Colliery Disaster Lamp EUREKA-3 JULY 1992
SAFETY LAMPS-Mitchell-T.B.Bickerton Safety Lamps EUREKA-4 OCT 1992
SAFETY LAMPS-Mitchell-The Olympic Flame Safety Lamp EUREKA-20 OCT 1996

SAFETY LAMPS-Moon-Baby Wolf Lamps MAC-13-WINTER 1992
SAFETY LAMPS-Moon-Carbide Safety Lamps MAC-10 WINTER 1991
SAFETY LAMPS-Moon-German Plummet Lamps MAC-11 SPRING 1991
SAFETY LAMPS-Moon-Hailwood Lamp MAC-11 SPRING 1991
SAFETY LAMPS-Moon-Jack Davy Lamps MAC-17 WINTER 1993
SAFETY LAMPS-Moon-Koehler Safety Lamps MAC-14 SPRING 1992
SAFETY LAMPS-Moon-Miniature Safety Lamps MAC-15 SUMMER 1992
SAFETY LAMPS-Moon-Miniature Thomas and Wms. MAC-16 FALL 1992
SAFETY LAMPS-Moon-Plummet Lamp MAC-9 FALL 1990
SAFETY LAMPS-Moon-Safety Lamps for Surveyors to read by MAC-18 SPRING 1993
SAFETY LAMPS-Moon-Safety Plummet Lamp MAC-8 SUMMER 1990
SAFETY LAMPS-Moon-Smithsonian Patented Safety Lamps MAC-20 FALL 1993
SAFETY LAMPS-Moon-Standard Wolf Safety Lamp MAC-9 FALL 1990
SAFETY LAMPS-Moon-Wolf Type by Amer. Safety Lamp Co. MAC-17 WINTER 1993


SAFETY LAMPS–Post-Tysver-Moon–Quirin Safety Lamp–OCT 2016

SAFETY LAMPS-Ressler-Miniature Safety Lamp EUREKA-9 JAN 1994


SAFETY LAMPS–Ressler–Quirin–The First American Surveyor’s Safety Lamp–SPRING 2001

SAFETY LAMPS-Ross-Miniature Safety Lamps MAC-19 SUMMER 1993
SAFETY LAMPS-Smith-Charles D. Gordon Co. EUREKA-27 JULY 1998
SAFETY LAMPS-Smith-Charles D. Gordon Safety Lamps EUREKA-26 APRIL 1998
SAFETY LAMPS-Steinberg-International Gas Detectors Ltd. MAC-3 SPRING 1989
SAFETY LAMPS-Steinberg-The Davy Safety Lamp MAC-5 FALL 1989
SAFETY LAMPS-Steinberg-The Pieler Lamp MAC-3 SPRING 1989
SAFETY LAMPS-Steinberg-The Wolf Junior Safety Lamp MAC-5 FALL 1989
SAFETY LAMPS-Steinberg-Wolf Pocket Safety Lamp MAC-2 WINTER 1989
SAFETY LAMPS-Stranko-Charles D. Gordon Safety Lamp EUREKA-25 JAN 1998


SAFETY LAMPS–Stranko–Dressel RR or Mining Lantern–JUNE 2004

SAFETY LAMPS-Stranko-Everhart Safety Lamps EUREKA-25 JAN 1998
SAFETY LAMPS–Stranko–George Bevan’s Lamp–SPRING 2001


SAFETY LAMPS–Stranko–Squalus Koehler Lamp or a Hoax–SPRING 2001


SAFETY LAMPS–Stutzer–A Patented Clanny Lamp–APR 2000

SAFETY LAMPS-Stutzer-A Patented English Clanny Lamp EUREKA-19 JULY 1996
SAFETY LAMPS–Van Fleet–Joseph Cooke Burmingham Safety Lamp–JAN 2013


SAFETY LAMPS–Van Fleet–Joseph Cooke Burmingham Safety Lamp–OCT 2008


SAFETY LAMPS-Van Fleet-Everhart Surveyors Lamp EUREKA-4 OCT 1992
SAFETY LAMPS-Van Fleet-Miniature Safety Lamp EUREKA-15 JULY-1995
SAFETY LAMPS-Van Fleet-Mystery Safety Lamp EUREKA-5 WINTER 1993

SAFETY LAMPS-Werner-A Chest of Wolf Safety Lamps and Parts EUREKA-6 APRIL 1993
SAFETY LAMPS-Wilson-Some Recent Reproductions MAC-18 SPRING 1993
SAFETY LAMPS–Wilson–Theophilus Bowen’s Davy Lamp–SEPT 2022
SCALES-Millet-Miners Improved Gold Scale MAC-8 SUMMER 1990
SCALES-Shannon-Gold Scales MAC-2 WINTER 1989


SCALES-Shannon-The Pulp Balance MAC-4 SUMMER 1989

SCALES-Steinberg-Miners Improved Gold Scales MAC-9 FALL 1990

SCALES-White-A Traveling Assayers Scale MAC-5 FALL 1989

SCATTER TAGS-Click-What Are Scatter Tags EUREKA-21 JAN 1997

SCRIP-Johnson-Stutzer–Mining Company Scrip EUREKA-3 JULY 1992

SCRIP-McDonald-Manhattan Mining Co. Nev. MAC-14 SPRING 1992

SHOW REPORT-2024 Tucson Mining Artifact Collectors Show-Doug Miller 2-17-2024
SIGNS-Bernstein-Sunshine Sign MAC-9 FALL 1990

SIGNS-Bobrink-By Stonehouse Signs Co. MAC-17 WINTER 1993

SIGNS-Bobrink-Goldfield Fire Signal Sign MAC-10 WINTER 1991

SIGNS-Bobrink-Iowa Mine Bell Sign MAC-14 SPRING 1992
SIGNS-Bobrink-Mine bell signs MAC-1 FALL 1998

SIGNS-Bobrink-Mine Bell Signs MAC-2 WINTER 1989

SIGNS-Bobrink-Mine Bell Signs MAC-3 SPRING 1989

SIGNS-Bobrink-Mine Bell Signs MAC-4 SUMMER 1989

SIGNS-Bobrink-Mine Bell Signs MAC-5 FALL 1989

SIGNS-Bobrink-Mine Bell Signs MAC-6 WINTER 1990

SIGNS-Bobrink-Mine Bell Signs MAC-7 SPRING 1990

SIGNS-Bobrink-Mine Bell Signs MAC-9 FALL 1990

SIGNS-Bobrink-Mine Bell Signs MAC-10 WINTER 1991

SIGNS-Bobrink-Mine Bell Signs MAC-11 SPRING 1991

SIGNS-Bobrink-More Mine Bell Signs MAC-13-WINTER 1992

SIGNS-Bobrink-South Eureka Bell Sign MAC-8 SUMMER 1990

SIGNS-Bobrink-Stonehouse Sign Co. Victor MAC-4 SUMMER 1989

SIGNS-Ebers-The Miners Store, Bisbee MAC-15 SUMMER 1992

SIGNS-Gaska-Union Carbide Sold Here EUREKA-30 APRIL 1999

SIGNS-Johnson-Coal Advertising Signs EUREKA-26 APRIL 1998

SIGNS-Johnson-Mine Fire Signal Sign EUREKA-4 OCT 1992


SIGNS-Johnson-Montreal Mine Bell Sign EUREKA-2 APRIL 1992

SIGNS-Johnson-Signs of the Times EUREKA-27 JULY 1998

SIGNS-Johnson-Telephone Code Sign EUREKA-17 JAN 1995

SIGNS-Schroth-This Way Out Signs EUREKA-21 JAN 1997

SIGNS-Thorpe-Hoist House Sign EUREKA-10 APRIL 1994

SIGNS-Thorpe-Superior Arizona Cage Sign EUREKA-14 APRIL 1995

SIGNS-Van Fleet-Canadian Mine Bell Sign EUREKA-6 APRIL 1993

SIGNS-Van Fleet-Mine Cage and Call Bell Signs EUREKA-3 JULY 1992

SIGNS-Van Fleet-Union Carbide Sign EUREKA-8 OCT 1993

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