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HISTORY-Eady-Copper Queen Mine MAC-8 SUMMER 1990
HISTORY-English-George Edward Anderson–Western Photographer EUREKA-12 OCT 1994
HISTORY-English-The Mojave Mining District CMR-8 DECEMBER 1998
HISTORY-English-Tri-State Treasures MAC-22 SPRING 1994
HISTORY-English-United Verde Mine Cave-in CMR-2 WINTER 1997
HISTORY-Fox-Iron Mountain Iron Mine MAC-13-WINTER 1992
HISTORY-Fox-Quincy Mine Hoist MAC-10 WINTER 1991
HISTORY-George-Bizarre Stories of Mining CMR-7 AUGUST 1998
HISTORY-George-Bizarre Stories of Mining CMR-8 DECEMBER 1998
HISTORY-Griffin-Mount Baker Gold Rush CMR-1 FALL 1996
HISTORY-Griffin-The Dump Shaft CMR-8 DECEMBER 1998
HISTORY-Guthrie-Buxton, Iowa 1900-1944, a Coal Town EUREKA-5 WINTER 1993
HISTORY-Guthrie-Hileman–Wm. Connell, Scranton, Penn. EUREKA-13 JAN 1995
HISTORY-Guthrie-Miners Nystagmus EUREKA-10 APRIL 1994
HISTORY-Horning-Ernest A. Hailwood, A Colorful Character EUREKA-31 AUGUST 1999
HISTORY-Horning-The Work of William Maurice EUREKA-22 APRIL 1997

HISTORY-Iverson-Mine Mules of Pennsylvania CMR-6 MAY 1998
HISTORY-Johnson-Cleveland Cliffs Iron Co. EUREKA-26 APRIL 1998
HISTORY-Johnson-Consolidated Coal Co. 1860-1935 EUREKA-24 OCT 1997
HISTORY-Johnson-The Loretto Mine Club EUREKA-11 APRIL 1994
HISTORY-Johnson-Victoria Copper Mining Company EUREKA-22 APRIL 1997
HISTORY-Johnson-Yellow Jacket Mine Fire EUREKA-18 APRIL 1996
HISTORY-Kraft et al.-The Pelton Water Wheel CMR-5 FALL 1997
HISTORY-Kraft-Christman-The Pelton Water Wheel EUREKA-4 OCT 1992
HISTORY-Levine-1911 Utah Copper Co. MAC-6 WINTER 1990
HISTORY-Levine-George Graham Rice MAC-21 WINTER 1994
HISTORY-Lindberg-Disaster at the Rolling Hill Mine EUREKA-21 JAN 1997
HISTORY-Lindberg-Rolling Mill Mine Disaster EUREKA-24 OCT 1997
HISTORY-Mallicoat-The Original 16-to-1 Mine CMR-7 AUGUST 1998
HISTORY-Neilson-Anaconda Copper Co. MAC-18 SPRING 1993
HISTORY-Peterson-Sierra Gold Mine Mules EUREKA-27 JULY 1998
HISTORY-Rider-Proctor and Gamble Archives CMR-2 WINTER 1997
HISTORY-Rush-Cerro Gordo, A Search for Water, Part-II CMR-5 FALL 1997
HISTORY-Rush-Cerro Gordo, A Search for Water CMR-4 SUMMER 1997
HISTORY-Rush-Colorado Mine Rescue EUREKA-21 JAN 1997

HISTORY-Schroth-Goldfield, Nevada EUREKA-30 APRIL 1999
HISTORY-Schroth-Mining Camps and Ghost Towns EUREKA-6 APRIL 1993
HISTORY-Schroth-Skidoo, Death Valley Ghost Town MAC-18 SPRING 1993
HISTORY-Schroth-Summer of 72 in Calico EUREKA-26 APRIL 1998
HISTORY-Sears-Hailey-Ola Coal Co. EUREKA-24 OCT 1997
HISTORY-Shannon-Clear Creek County MAC-21 WINTER 1994
HISTORY-Shannon-History of Leadville MAC-17 WINTER 1993
HISTORY-Slouber-North Butte Mining Co. MAC-18 SPRING 1993
HISTORY-Town-1940 and 1991 Ore Trucks EUREKA-21 JAN 1997
HISTORY-Town-American Ores and Asbestos Co. EUREKA-6 APRIL 1993
HISTORY-Town-Arizona Hard Rock Miners EUREKA-7 JULY 1993
HISTORY-Town-Mining and Murder, Guy Phillips EUREKA-22 APRIL 1997
HISTORY-Van Fleet-Monongah Mines Disaster EUREKA-16 OCT 1995
HISTORY-Van Fleet-The Avondale Mine Fire EUREKA-19 JULY 1996
HISTORY-Walker-Original Skidoo Newspaper MAC-19 SUMMER 1993
HISTORY-Werner-Union Pacific Coal 14 APRIL 1995
HISTORY-Wilson-The Wolcott Pitcher and Tray MAC-20 FALL 1993
HISTORY-Winters-B and M Shaft, Homestake Mine, SD CMR-6 MAY 1998
HISTORY-Winters-Guarding the Bullion CMR-3 SPRING 1997
HOISTING–Bobrink–Collecting Mine Hoist Level Indicators–SUMMER 2002


HOISTS–Thorpe–Hoist level indicators–JAN 2003

HORSE WHIM-Bobrink-The Davis Horse Whim MAC-20 FALL 1993
HORSE WHIMS-Johnson-Davis Horse Whim EUREKA-28 OCT 1998
HUMOR-Bobrink-Bodie Derringer Candlestick MAC-11 SPRING 1991
HUMOR-Gaska-The Blemus Lamp MAC-3 SPRING 1989
HUMOR-Roberts-Cornish Cartoons by Oswald Pryor EUREKA-30 APRIL 1999
HUMOR-Wilson-Bobrink–Arnold Carbide Candle Cap Lamp MAC-14 SPRING 1992
HUMOR-Wilson-Droop Snoot Trethaway Oil Wick MAC-7 SPRING 1990

INGOTS-Schon-Silver San Francisco Mint Ingot MAC-21 WINTER 1994
INGOTS-Smith-Shipwreck Tin Ingots and Molds EUREKA-27 JULY 1998
INGOTS-Weldin-Mystery Silver Ingots CMR-3 SPRING 1997


INGOTS–Wilson–Gold and Silver Ingots! Bars of History–JULY 2021


INGOTS–Winters–Bulldog Silver Mine–JULY 2021


INSULATORS–Wilson–American Glass Mine Insulators–MAY 2021

LANTERNS-Kraft-The Stonebridge Folding Lantern CMR-8 DECEMBER 1998
LETTER CLIPS-Johnson-Advertising Leter Holders EUREKA-21 JAN 1997
LIQUOR-Gibson-Mining Themes on Liquor Bottles CMR-3 SPRING 1997
LUNCH BUCKET-Gresko-Lunch Bucket Lamp EUREKA-7 JULY 1993
LUNCH PAIL-Johnson-King Koal Lunch Bucket EUREKA-23 JULY-1997
LUNCH PAILS-Johnson-Dinner Pail Lanterns EUREKA-12 OCT 1994
LUNCH PAIL-Steinberg-Leadville Lunch Pail MAC-17 WINTER 1993
LUNCH-PAILS-Gresko-Patented Dinner Pail Lantern EUREKA-18 APRIL 1996
MATCH BOOKS-Schroth-Mining-theme Match Book Covers EUREKA-15 JULY-1995
MATCH BOOKS-Stambaugh-Mining Match Book Covers EUREKA-16 OCT 1995
MATCH SAFE-Bobrink-Gossack Candlestick Patent MAC-17 WINTER 1993
MATCH SAFE-Kuester-Another Hercules Match Safe MAC-19 SUMMER 1993
MATCH SAFES-Blyth-Hamilton Powder Co. EUREKA-28 OCT 1998
MATCH SAFES-Hauck-Aetna Powder Co. Match Safe MAC-15 SUMMER 1992
MATCH SAFES-Johnson- Match Safe EUREKA-27 JULY 1998
MATCH SAFES-Johnson-Aurora Mine Match Safe EUREKA-21 JAN 1997
MATCH SAFE–Post–Foster Patent Squib Safety Box–OCT 2016


MATCH SAFES–Schroth–Mining Related Match Safes–SPRING 2003

MATCH SAFES-Schroth-Mining-Related Match Safes MAC-14 SPRING 1992
MATCH SAFES–Thorpe–Encounter in Globe, Arizona–JUNE 2006


MATCH SAFES–Thorpe–Everdry–JAN 2003
MEDALS-Griffin-Commemorative Coins and Medals CMR-4 SUMMER 1997
MEDALS-Johnson-AIME Medal EUREKA-17 JAN 1995
MEDALS-Johnson-Colorado School of Mines 75th Anniv. EUREKA-17 JAN 1995
MEDALS-Johnson-MCB Mines Rescue Service EUREKA-10 APRIL 1994
MEDALS-Johnson-Parrot Mine Medal EUREKA-30 APRIL 1999
MEDALS-Rush-Dunham, Carrigan and Hayden Co. CMR-4 SUMMER 1997
MEDALS-Stutzer-Commemorative Mining Medals EUREKA-5 WINTER 1993
MEDALS-Stutzer-Mining Medals and Coins EUREKA-13 JAN 1995
MEMOIR-Kovach-Charles S. Kovach EUREKA-20 OCT 1996
MEMOIR-Potucek-Underground Stories EUREKA-30 APRIL 1999
MEMOIR-Roberts-Mine, All Mine EUREKA-30 APRIL 1999
MEMOIR-Schroth-Hillside Ghosts EUREKA-30 APRIL 1999
MEMOIR-Schroth-Virgin Collecting Territory EUREKA-14 APRIL 1995
MEMOIR-Tommy Bish-Collecting over 50 years MAC-3 SPRING 1989
MICHIGAN COPPER MINING–Johnson–North America’s First Metal Miners–SPRING 2001

MICROSCOPES-Mitchell-James W. Queen and Co. EUREKA-10 APRIL 1994


MINERALS–Johnson–Native Copper Mining Artifacts–APR 2000

MINERALS-Town-Post-Mining Copper EUREKA-24 OCT 1997
MINES-Levine-Portland Mine, Colorado MAC-3 SPRING 1989


MINER’S VELOCIPEDE–English–Light Rail Inspection Car–JAN 2008


MINIATURES–Johnson–Mini-mining set–JAN 2003


MINIATURES–Miller–Miniature Mining Lamps–SEPT 2022


MISC–Auer–Clothed Skeleton Found in Mine–SPRING 2002


MISC–Boelter–Claim markers, an accidental collection–SPRING 2002
MISC–Johnson–Peabody Coal Co–OCT 1999
MISC–Kraft–The Carlisle Spedding Steel Mill–OCT 1999


MISC–Town–Miami Boneyard–JAN 2008

MIRRORS-Johnson-Advertising Pocket Mirrors EUREKA-10 APRIL 1994
MIRROR-Van Fleet-Ashland Mine Pocket Mirror EUREKA-4 OCT 1992

MONITORS-Thorpe-Giant Hydraulic Watercannons EUREKA-30 APRIL 1999
MORTARS-English-Prospectors Arrastras, Grinding Mortars CMR-5 FALL 1997



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