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CLOTHES HANGER-Bohannan-Miner’s clothes hanger, Bisbee MAC-1 FALL 1998
CLOTHES HANGER-Steinberg-Union Sanitary Clothes Hanger MAC-18 SPRING 1993
CLOTHING-English-Cerro Gordo Denim Pants CMR-4 SUMMER 1997

COLLECTING UNDERGROUND-Voynick-Coll. in Abandoned Mines MAC-15 SUMMER 1992
COLLECTING UNDERGROUND-Wilson-letter to the Editor Reply MAC-15 SUMMER 1992
COLLECTIONS-Horning-Werner Horning Collection EUREKA-24 OCT 1997
COLLECTIONS-Popper-Donald Rogers EUREKA-30 APRIL 1999
COLLECTIONS-Rush-Jim Swallow Collection CMR-8 DECEMBER 1998
COLLECTIONS-Rush-Joe Elizondo CMR-7 AUGUST 1998
COLLECTIONS-Rush-Leo Stambaugh CMR-6 MAY 1998
COLLECTIONS-Town-Amie Barreras EUREKA-28 OCT 1998
COLLECTORS-Rush-Steve Rush Collection CMR-4 SUMMER 1997


COMPASSES–Johnson–Two Engraved Mine Surveying Compasses–SUMMER 2002

COMPRESSOR–Schroth–Air Compressor–SPRING 2003
CRESSET-Ramsdell-Mining Cresset Torch or Pitch Basket EUREKA-3 JULY 1992
CRUSHERS–Stambaugh–Medium Weight Artifacts–JAN 2003


CYANIDE CANS–Gray-Wood–Cyanide Can Shingles–JAN 2008

CUFF LINKS-Van Fleet-Roundup Coal Mining Co. EUREKA-4 OCT 1992


DAVIS DERBY–Johnson–The Davis Derby Story–JAN 2008


DIALS–Johnson–The Davis Derby Story–JAN 2008


DIORAMAS-Rupp-A Mining Diorama EUREKA-3 JULY 1992
DIP NEEDLE–Johnson–Lake Superior Model Miners’ Dip Needle–SUMMER 2002

DRILL BITS-Kuester-Jackbits Box MAC-7 SPRING 1990
DRILLS-Altenbach-Hand-Drilling in Western Mines EUREKA-24 OCT 1997
DRILLS-Bohannan-Holman Bros. Co. MAC-13-WINTER 1992
DRILLS-Bohannan-Stoper Rock Drill MAC-10 WINTER 1991
DRILLS-Chapman-Howells Mining Drill Company EUREKA-19 JULY 1996
DRILLS-Eady-Drill Bit Carrier MAC-16 FALL 1992
DRILLS-Graeme-Drill Bit Racks MAC-17 WINTER 1993


DRILLS–Miller–The Rand Drill Company–MARCH 2022

DRILLS-Stambaugh-The Jackson Hand Power Rock Drill CMR-7 AUGUST 1998
ELECTRIC–Johnson–Draeger Electric Mine Lamp–JAN 2000

ELECTRIC-Stutzer-Bottom-Light Miners Lamps EUREKA-23 JULY-1997


ELECTRIC–Thorpe–Walker Candlestick–JULY 2015

ELECTRIC LAMPS-English-A Really Safe Mine Lamp CMR-2 WINTER 1997
ELECTRIC LAMPS-Johnson-Electric Cap, Hand and Safety Lamps EUREKA-31 AUGUST 1999


ELECTRIC LAMPS–McCabe–The Oldham Cap Lamp–JUNE 2006


EPHEMERA-Town-A Union Carbide Advertising Brochure EUREKA-19 JULY 1996
EPHEMERA-Yarbrough-Bohannan-a Miners Letter MAC-19 SUMMER 1993

EXPLODER TOKENS-Johnson-Explosive Control Tokens EUREKA-2 APRIL 1992


FIELD TRIP–Stranko–Exploring the Fan House at the Huber Colliery–SPRING 2003


FIELD TRIP–Thorpe–The Plomosa Range, AZ–JUNE 2004


FIELD TRIP–Thorpe–Tombstone, First Descent–SPRING 2003


FIELD TRIPS–Bobrink–Bobrink Hits Pay Dirt in Calico–SUMMER 2001


FIELD TRIPS–Bobrink–Calico III–SPRING 2001
FIELD TRIPS–Gardner–Harcuvar Mountains, Arizona–JUNE 2004


FIELD TRIPS–Roberts–Count Dracula’s Mining Connection–SUMMER 2001


FIELD TRIPS–Thorpe–Arizona 2003–JAN 2003

FIRST AID-Living-Miners Pocket First Aid Kit EUREKA-22 APRIL 1997
FRATERNAL ORDERS-Steinberg-The Knights of Labor MAC-5 FALL 1989
FROG LAMPS-Wilson-Frog Lamps Part-I MAC-13 WINTER 1992
FROG LAMPS-Wilson-Frog Lamps, Part-II MAC-14 SPRING 1992
FROG LAMPS-Wilson-Frog Lamps, Part-III MAC-15 SUMMER 1992
FROG LAMPS-Wilson-Frog Lamps Part-IV MAC-16 FALL 1992
FROG LAMPS-Wilson-Frog Lamps Part-V MAC-17 WINTER 1993


FROG LAMPS–Wilson–Saxon Mining Collectibles–MARCH 2022


FUSE–Town–Coast Manufacturing & Supply Co–SPRING 2003

GAMES-Van Fleet-Games About Mining EUREKA-15 JULY-1995
GAS DETECTOR-Johnson-Burrel Electric Detector EUREKA-2 APRIL 1992
GAS DETECTORS-Horning-Gas Detectors for Reaching High Places EUREKA-21 JAN 1997
GAS DETECTORS-Horning-Rare Arras Detectors 1940 EUREKA-26 APRIL 1998
GAS DETECTORS-Stutzer-Appleton–Ringrose Firedamp Alarm EUREKA-16 OCT 1995
GAS DETECTORS-Stutzer-Appleton—Spiralarm Firedamp Detectors EUREKA-18 APRIL 1996
GLOSSARY-Schroth-Thorpe–A Collectors Glossary  EUREKA-13 JAN 1995
HATS-Bobrink-The Cool Hat MAC-17 WINTER 1993
HATS-Bobrink–The Earliest Miner’s Hat–SUMMER 2000

HATS-Coorbridge-Thorpe–Lam Hook-Holder Cap EUREKA-26 APRIL 1998

HATS-Johnson-A Hardhat for Draft Animals EUREKA-13 JAN 1995
HATS-Johnson-Patented Hats and Lamp Holders EUREKA-16 OCT 1995
HATS-Johnson-Patented Miners Cap EUREKA-24 OCT 1997


HATS–Johnson–Victor Swivel Lamp Bracket–JAN 2003

HATS-Town-A Beall Bros. Christmas Cap EUREKA-18 APRIL 1996


HERCULES–Douglas Miller–Hercules Powder Company–12-12-2022

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