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CARBIDE-Bohannan-Baldwin Pinchwaist Cap Lamps MAC-17 WINTER 1993
CARBIDE-Bohannan-Leader Carbide Pocket Can MAC-15 SUMMER 1992
CARBIDE–Bohannon–Manufactured Carbide Lamp Candlesticks–SPRING 2001
CARBIDE-Bohannan-Pennant Carbide Can MAC-19 SUMMER 1993
CARBIDE-Bohannan-Pioneer Cap Lamp, Hold-a-Lite, etc. EUREKA-31 AUGUST 1999
CARBIDE-Bohannan-S.E.Simmons Carbide Cap Lamps CMR-8 DECEMBER 1998
CARBIDE-Bohannan-Snell and Ever-Ready Cap Lamps MAC-18 SPRING 1993
CARBIDE-Bohannan-Sun-Ray and ITP Lamps MAC-15 SUMMER 1992
CARBIDE-Bohannan-Sure-Light Cap Lamp MAC-22 SPRING 1994
CARBIDE-Bohannan-The Simmons Pioneer Lamp MAC-14 SPRING 1992
CARBIDE-Bohannan-Two Carbide Candle Patents MAC-21 WINTER 1994
CARBIDE-Bohannan-Union Carbide Pocket Can MAC-14 SPRING 1992
CARBIDE-Bohannan-Zar and Hold-a-Lite Cap Lamps MAC-16 FALL 1992


CARBIDE-Christman-Buckeye Carbide Area Lamp MAC-21 WINTER 1994
CARBIDE-Christman-Pioneer Cap Lamp EUREKA-2 APRIL 1992
CARBIDE-Christman-Tall-Door Baldwin Cap Lamp EUREKA-7 JULY 1993
CARBIDE-Click–Beall Bros Red Star–JAN 2000


CARBIDE-Click-Carbide Filling Funnel EUREKA-26 APRIL 1998
CARBIDE-Click-Finding a What Cheer Carbide Cap Lamp EUREKA-22 APRIL 1997
CARBIDE–Click–First complete Red Star–JAN 2000


CARBIDE-Click-Nickel-Plated The Buddy EUREKA-22 APRIL 1997
CARBIDE-Click-Pioneer Hand Lamps EUREKA-25 JAN 1998
CARBIDE-Click-Rare Reflector on a Dewar Lamp EUREKA-31 AUGUST 1999
CARBIDE-Click-The Notoriou Acme Bros. EUREKA-22 APRIL 1997
CARBIDE-Click-Unfired Maple City in Box EUREKA-22 APRIL 1997


CARBIDE-Coorbridge-Ackroyde and Best Carbide Lamps EUREKA-26 APRIL 1998
CARBIDE-Coorbridge-Justrite no.11 Camp Stove EUREKA-25 JAN 1998
CARBIDE-Coorbridge-Wolf Carbide Candle no. 88 EUREKA-25 JAN 1998
CARBIDE-Coorbridge-Wolf Carbide Lamps EUREKA-25 JAN 1998
CARBIDE–Corbridge–A Possible Missing Link–SUMMER 2000
CARBIDE–Corbridge–Big Boy Insert–OCT 1999


CARBIDE-Corbridge-British Carbide Lamps based on Wolf Part-I EUREKA-28 OCT 1998
CARBIDE-Corbridge-British Carbide Tins EUREKA-30 APRIL 1999


CARBIDE–Corbridge–British Carbide Tins – Recent Additions–OCT 1999


CARBIDE–Corbridge–British Carbide Tins–SUMMER 2000


CARBIDE-Corbridge-Carbic Hand Lamps EUREKA-22 APRIL 1997


CARBIDE–Corbridge–Carbide lamps manuf’d by John Davis – Derby Ltd–APR 2000


CARBIDE-Corbridge-Cast Aluminum Lamps EUREKA-19 JULY 1996
CARBIDE-Corbridge-Cast Aluminum Lamps of England EUREKA-20 OCT 1996
CARBIDE–Corbridge–Hailwood & Ackroyd Cap Lamp–OCT 1999


CARBIDE-Corbridge-Hydrolite Carbide Lamps EUREKA-28 OCT 1998
CARBIDE-Corbridge–Imperial Light – Allen Liversidge Update–OCT 1999


CARBIDE-Corbridge-Maine Lighting Co. Patent Bucket Lamp EUREKA-31 AUGUST 1999
CARBIDE-Corbridge-Miniature Carbide Lamp EUREKA-30 APRIL 1999


CARBIDE–Corbridge–More cast aluminum lamps–APR 2000
CARBIDE-Corbridge-Sun-Ray Han-de-Han-Del EUREKA-28 OCT 1998


CARBIDE–Corbridge–The Wolf of Leeds Colibri No. 85 Cap Lamp–JAN 2000


CARBIDE–Corbridge–Unknown British Carbide Lamp Patterns–SUMMER 2001
CARBIDE-Corbridge-Wolf Norton Patent Lamp EUREKA-30 APRIL 1999

CARBIDE-DeMarais-Carbide Cap Lamp Survey MAC-16 FALL 1992
CARBIDE-Des Marais-American Carbide Hand Lamp Survey EUREKA-7 JULY 1993
CARBIDE-Gaska-Demon Strike Light MAC-1 FALL 1998
CARBIDE-Gaska-Grier Bros. MAC-10 WINTER 1991
CARBIDE-Gaska-Guy Dropper Pocahontas MAC-6 WINTER 1990
CARBIDE-Gaska-Guys Dropper Squarelite EUREKA-4 OCT 1992
CARBIDE-Gaska-Justrite Acme Hand Lamps EUREKA-8 OCT 1993
CARBIDE-Gaska-Justrite Jumbo Lamp EUREKA-5 WINTER 1993
CARBIDE-Gaska-Lamp Cleaning Cookbook MAC-2 WINTER 1989
CARBIDE-Gaska-Late Model Grier Lamps MAC-7 SPRING 1990
CARBIDE-Gaska-Little Giant MAC-1 FALL 1998
CARBIDE-Gaska-Lu-Mi-Num Lamps MAC-7 SPRING 1990
CARBIDE-Gaska-New Style Imperial Carbide Cap Lamp MAC-5 FALL 1989
CARBIDE-Gaska-Premier Hardsocg MAC-1 Fall 1998
CARBIDE-Gaska-Spiral Feed MAC-1 FALL 1998
CARBIDE-Gaska-The Arnold Carbide Candle MAC-3 SPRING 1989
CARBIDE-Gaska-The Ever-Ready Cap Lamp MAC-2 WINTER 1989
CARBIDE-Gaska-The Justrite Specials EUREKA-6 APRIL 1993
CARBIDE-Gaska-The Rex Cap Lamp EUREKA-6 APRIL 1993
CARBIDE-Gaska-Umbrella Lamps MAC-3 SPRING 1989
CARBIDE-Gaska-Wolf America EUREKA-30 APRIL 1999
CARBIDE-Gaska-Wolf Lamp MAC-1 FALL 1998
CARBIDE-Gresko-Lunch Bucket Lamp EUREKA-7 JULY 1993
CARBIDE-Griffin-ITP Lamp Tags CMR-3 SPRING 1997
CARBIDE-Griffin-Leader Carbide Container CMR-2 WINTER 1997
CARBIDE-Horning-Tunisian Carbide Lamp EUREKA-30 APRIL 1999
CARBIDE-Hyatt-Baldwin Ore Car Lamp EUREKA-12 OCT 1994
CARBIDE-Johnson-A South American Carbide Cap Lamp EUREKA-7 JULY 1993
CARBIDE–Johnson–A Tiny Fancy Candlestick–SPRING 2002


CARBIDE–Johnson–Allen-Liversidge Carbide Cap Lamps–SUMMER 2002


CARBIDE–Johnson–An Early Baldwin Lamp–Summer 2000


CARBIDE-Johnson-Anton Square Light EUREKA-24 OCT 1997
CARBIDE-Johnson-Big Boy Lamp Stick EUREKA-4 OCT 1992
CARBIDE-Johnson-Boxes Shanklin Parts EUREKA-6 APRIL 1993
CARBIDE-Johnson-Carbide Lamp Thread Cleaner EUREKA-3 JULY 1992
CARBIDE-Johnson-Carbide Safety Lamps EUREKA-5 WINTER 1993
CARBIDE-Johnson-First-Generation Wolf Lamps EUREKA-23 JULY-1997
CARBIDE-Johnson-Folding-Handle Carbide Cap Lamps EUREKA-23 JULY-1997
CARBIDE-Johnson-Grier Bros. Carbide Flask EUREKA-7 JULY 1993


CARBIDE–Johnson–Guy’s Dropper No. 100 Superintendant’s lamp and box–JAN 2000
CARBIDE-Johnson-H.Gall, W.Roof MAC-10 WINTER 1991
CARBIDE-Johnson-Justrite Lamp Wooden Box EUREKA-20 OCT 1996
CARBIDE-Johnson-Justrite Lighters EUREKA-5 WINTER 1993
CARBIDE-Johnson-Lu-Mi-Num Salesmans Cut-away Lamp EUREKA-5 WINTER 1993
CARBIDE-Johnson-MinaLite EUREKA-19 JULY 1996
CARBIDE-Johnson-Pickands Mather Award Lamp EUREKA-2 APRIL 1992


CARBIDE–Johnson–Santini Carbide Safety Lamp–JUNE 2004
CARBIDE-Johnson-Thailand Belt Generator EUREKA-21 JAN 1997


CARBIDE-Johnson–Unmarked Carbide Cap Lamp–JAN 2008
CARBIDE-Johnson-Van Fleet–Balswin Look-alikes Greer, Funk, What Cheer EUREKA-6 APRIL 1993
CARBIDE–Johnson–Wolf Carbide Lamp from Poland–JAN 2000
CARBIDE-Johnson-Wolf Carbide Lamps EUREKA-5 WINTER 1993

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