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STOCK CERTIFICATES-Radford-Bunker Hill Mining Co. MAC-22 SPRING 1994
STOCK CERTIFICATES-Slouber-North Butte Mining Company MAC-18 SPRING 1993
STOCK CERTIFICATES-Twitty-Beach-Mining Stocks CMR-1 FALL 1996
STOCK CERTIFICATES-Weldin-Bunker Hill Mine MAC-7 SPRING 1990

SURVEYING-Moon-Illuminating the Plumb Line MAC-14 SPRING 1992
SURVEYING-Moon-Tripod Candle Lamp MAC-15 SUMMER 1992
TAGS-Johnson-Coal Mining Company Property Tags EUREKA-22 APRIL 1997

TECHNIQUE–Purson–How Mining is Done–JAN 2013
TEST KITS-Steinberg-Braun Mineral Test Set MAC-19 SUMMER 1993
THERMOMETERS-Morrison-Coal Mine Thermometers EUREKA-8 OCT 1993

TIMBERING–Bobrink–1880s Squaresets–SPRING 2003


TIMBERING–Thorpe–Joining Headframe Timbers–JUNE 2004

TOBACCO-Bobrink-Miners and Puddlers Tobacco Can MAC-19 SUMMER 1993
TOBACCO-Bobrink-Mining Related Tobacco Products MAC-13-WINTER 1992
TOBACCO-Johnson-Aurora Mine Cigarette Case EUREKA-6 APRIL 1993
TOBACCO-Johnson-King Koal Tobacco Lunch Bucket EUREKA-23 JULY-1997
TOBACCO-Johnson-Mining Cigarette Lighters EUREKA-24 OCT 1997
TOBACCO-Johnson-Safety Award Cigarette Lighter EUREKA-14 APRIL 1995
TOBACCO-Johnson-Shanklin Cigarette Case EUREKA-12 OCT 1994
TOBACCO-Johnson-What is a Puddler–Miners and Puddler Long Cut EUREKA-15 JULY-1995
TOBACCO-Moon-Miners Pipe MAC-21 WINTER 1994
TOBACCO-Neilson-Mining Cigarette Cards MAC-14 SPRING 1992
TOBACCO–Sears–Another Miner’s Lamp Related Tobacco Item–SPRING 2001

TOBACCO-Schroth-Felger Miners Extra MAC-14 SPRING 1992
TOBACCO-Van Fleet-Smoke and Chew EUREKA-8 OCT 1993
TOKENS-Johnson-Cecil Rhodes and De Beers Mines EUREKA-24 OCT 1997
TOKENS-Ramsdell-Anaconda Miner Tokens EUREKA-14 APRIL 1995

TOMBSTONE RUBBINGS–Bohannon–Tombstone Rubbings–SPRING 2001

TOOLS-Bailey-Mining Company Fuse Cutters EUREKA-15 JULY-1995
TOOLS-Beck-Freund Patent Powder Knife EUREKA-7 JULY 1993
TOOLS–Beck–Mazatzal Mtns Discovery–APR 2000


TOOLS–Bobrink–A ca1900 Manufactured Gold Dry Washer–SUMMER 2000

TOOLS-Bobrink-What Cheer Fuse Cutter-Splitter MAC-13-WINTER 1992


TOOLS–Bobrink–California Crimper–JUNE 2004


TOOLS–Bobrink–Miner’s 1880’s Tricks Of The Trade–SUMMER 2002

TOOLS-Bohannan-Alton Cap Crimpers MAC-6 WINTER 1990
TOOLS-Bohannan-Atlas no.2 Cap Crimper MAC-4 SUMMER 1989


TOOLS–Bohannon-Brady–Erbele Fuse Pliers–SPRING 2003

TOOLS-Bohannan-Cap Crimping Knife MAC-13-WINTER 1992
TOOLS-Bohannan-DuPont no.4 Crimper MAC-3 SPRING 1989

TOOLS-Bohannan-Illinois Powder Co. Crimper MAC-2 WINTER 1989
TOOLS-Bohannan-Patented Cap Crimpers MAC-7 SPRING 1990
TOOLS-Bohannan-The California Crimper MAC-5 FALL 1989

TOOLS–Bohannon–The Moodey Patented Cap Crimper–OCT 1999


TOOLS–Brady–Spanish Instrument–SUMMER 2000

TOOLS-Chris-Giant Powder Co. Letter Opener EUREKA-11 APRIL 1994

TOOLS–Click–Clickster’s Tool Chest–OCT 1999


TOOLS–Click–Shanklin Knife–SUMMER 2002


TOOLS–Davis–The Pelton Water Wheel–SUMMER 2001

TOOLS-Ellison-Miners Pick Jacket EUREKA-7 JULY 1993
TOOLS-Griffin-Presentation Pick by Charles Garland CMR-2 WINTER 1997

TOOLS-Johnson-Blasting Tools and Patents EUREKA-15 JULY-1995
TOOLS-Johnson-Bluefield Coal and Coke Knife EUREKA-5 WINTER 1993

TOOLS–Johnson–Henry Boker Blasting Tool–SPRING 2002


TOOLS-Johnson-Patented Miners Pick Jacket EUREKA-20 OCT 1996

TOOLS–Johnson–Patented Powder Can–SPRING 2009


TOOLS-Johnson-The Hardy Pick Patent EUREKA-8 OCT 1993

TOOLS–Kraft-Samay–Spedding Steel Mill Replica Project November 20, 1999–JAN 2000

TOOLS-Kynor-Crimping European Style CMR-4 SUMMER 1997
TOOLS-Kynor-Exploding Wedge MAC-21 WINTER 1994
TOOLS-Kynor-Multi-Purpose Cap Crimper CMR-1 FALL 1996

TOOLS–McCabe–Hickie Miner’s Knife–SUMMER 2002


TOOLS–McCabe–Improved Miner’s Combination Pocket Tool–SUMMER 2002

TOOLS–Miller–Two Pairs of French Blasting Cap Crimpers–MARCH 2022

TOOLS-Patee-Related Cap Crimpers EUREKA-21 JAN 1997
TOOLS-Rush-Zinc Precipitating Boxes CMR-8 DECEMBER 1998
TOOLS-Town-Letter Openers EUREKA-25 JAN 1998
TOOLS-Twitty-Miners Picks CMR-2 WINTER 1997
TOOLS-Van Fleet-A Mechanical Crimper EUREKA-5 WINTER 1993
TOOLS-Van Fleet-Central Coal Co. Letter Opener EUREKA-3 JULY 1992
TOOLS-Van Fleet-Polhemus Pistol-Knife EUREKA-7 JULY 1993
TOOLS-Wilson-Miners Hammer Patents MAC-13-WINTER 1992
TOOLS-Stambaugh–Collecting hammers–APR 2000
TOOLS–Stambaugh–Freund Patent Miner’s Knife, Durango, Colo–JAN 2000

TOYS-Schroth-Mining Toys MAC-16 FALL 1992
TRACKING TAGS-Town-Arizona Asbestos Association EUREKA-4 OCT 1992
TRADING-Schroth-The Trade EUREKA-19 JULY 1996
UNDERGROUND-Ream-Government Mine Closure Program CMR-2 WINTER 1997
UNDERGROUND-Rush-Collecting Underground EUREKA-23 JULY-1997
UNDERGROUND-Schroth-Death Valley Adventure EUREKA-19 JULY 1996
UNDERGROUND-Schroth-Exploring Mines in Searchlight, Nev. MAC-20 FALL 1993
UNDERGROUND-Schroth-Mine Exploring MAC-19 SUMMER 1993
UNDERGROUND-Thorpe-Artifact Hunting in Arizona EUREKA-19 JULY 1996

UNIFORMS-Horning-Evolution of German Miners Uniforms EUREKA-27 JULY 1998

UNIONS-Ballard-UMWA Badges EUREKA-6 APRIL 1993
UNIONS-English et al.-Western Federation of Miners Ribbons CMR-7 AUGUST 1998
UNIONS-English-BPOE Delegate Medal MAC-22 SPRING 1994
UNIONS-English-Mother Jones Fraternity CMR-3 SPRING 1997
UNIONS-English-UMWA Delegate Medal MAC-22 SPRING 1994
UNIONS-English-UMWA Ribbon EUREKA-10 APRIL 1994
UNIONS-Gaska-Lead City Miners Union EUREKA-11 APRIL 1994
UNIONS-Gresko-E.F.G. Masonic Candlestick EUREKA-6 APRIL 1993
UNIONS-Guthrie-Elks Grand Lodges Reunion Badges EUREKA-20 OCT 1996
UNIONS-Johnson-Significant Labor Events in Mining EUREKA-21 JAN 1997
UNIONS-Johnson-UMWA Belt Buckle EUREKA-17 JAN 1995
UNIONS-Johnson-UMWA Decanter EUREKA-26 APRIL 1998
UNIONS-Johnson-UMWA etc. EUREKA-26 APRIL 1998
UNIONS-Johnson-UMWA Shaving Mug EUREKA-10 APRIL 1994
UNIONS-Johnson-UMWA Watch Fob EUREKA-14 APRIL 1995
UNIONS-Johnson-Western Federation of Miners EUREKA-19 JULY 1996

UNIONS-Levine-Miner’s Strike in Colo. MAC-4 SUMMER 1989
UNIONS-Moon-Frat. Order of Eagles Badge MAC-20 FALL 1993
UNIONS-Moon-United Mineral Mine Workers MAC-20 FALL 1993
UNIONS-Powloski-Belt Mtn. Miners Union no. 7 MAC-21 WINTER 1994
UNIONS-Schroth-Bisbee Ribbon, Croatian Natl. Workers EUREKA-22 APRIL 1997
UNIONS-Schroth-Croatian Bisbee Ribbon EUREKA-23 JULY-1997
UNIONS-Schroth-UMWA-Wyoming EUREKA-8 OCT 1993
UNIONS-Spintig- Mining Music-John Mitchel UMWA MAC-14 SPRING 1992
UNIONS-Steinberg-A Taste for Mayhem MAC-17 WINTER 1993
UNIONS-Steinberg-American Miners Association MAC-3 SPRING 1989
UNIONS-Steinberg-Book on Organized Labor MAC-21 WINTER 1994
UNIONS-Steinberg-Hibernians and Mooly McGuires MAC-4 SUMMER 1989
UNIONS-Steinberg-John Mitchell of UMWA MAC-6 WINTER 1990
UNIONS-Steinberg-Local Union Banner MAC-19 SUMMER 1993

UNIONS-Steinberg-Silver City Union no. 66 MAC-20 FALL 1993
UNIONS-Steinberg-UMWA Convention Souvenirs MAC-9 FALL 1990
UNIONS-Steinberg-UMWA to 1913 MAC-6 WINTER 1990
UNIONS-Steinberg-United Mine Workers Button MAC-19 SUMMER 1993
UNIONS-Town-Clay Miners of America Badge EUREKA-25 JAN 1998
UNIONS-Town-UMWA, Coal Handlers EUREKA-25 JAN 1998
UNIONS-Van Fleet-UMWA-Nova Scotia EUREKA-8 OCT 1993
UNIONS-Winters-Masonic Presentation Candlestick EUREKA-26 APRIL 1998
WATCH FOBS-Bobrink-Dooley Bros. Mining and Supply MAC-14 SPRING 1992
WATCH FOBS-Bobrink-Gr.Western Smelting and Refining MAC-17 WINTER 1993

WATCH FOBS-Click-Baldwin Watch Fob EUREKA-28 OCT 1998
WATCH FOBS–Collins–Watch Fobs Mark the Industry–JAN 2008

WATCH FOBS-Johnson-Michigan College of Mines etc. EUREKA-30 APRIL 1999
WATCH FOBS-Johnson-UMWA Watch Fob EUREKA-14 APRIL 1995
WATCH FOBS-Rupp-Mining-Related Watch Fobs EUREKA-8 OCT 1993
WATCH FOBS-Van Fleet-Hardsocg Co. Watch Fob EUREKA-5 WINTER 1993

WATCHES-Gaska-A Miners Pocket Watch EUREKA-8 OCT 1993
WHIM–Humble–Horse Whim and Arrastra–JUNE 2004

WHISTLE-Winters-Homestake Mine Raise Whistle CMR-8 DECEMBER 1998

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