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ASH TRAY-Johnson-Copper Country Souvenir Ash Tray EUREKA-8 OCT 1993
ASH TRAYS-Johnson-French Mining Ash tray EUREKA-17 JAN 1995
ASH TRAYS-Johnson-Pocahontas Fuel Co. EUREKA-18 APRIL 1996
ASSAYING-Bobrink-Assayers Sample Bags MAC-4 SUMMER 1989
ASSAYING-Bobrink-Deadwood Assayers Sample Bag MAC-19 SUMMER 1993
ASSAYING-Bobrink-M.H. Lyon, Deadwood MAC-20 FALL 1993
ASSAYING-Bohannan-Fusion Mixture MAC-13-WINTER 1992
ASSAYING-Dick-Arizona Assay Office MAC-8 SUMMER 1990
ASSAYING-Griffin-Litharge Bag CMR-2 WINTER 1997


ASSAYING-Steinberg-Assaying MAC-22 SPRING 1994


AXES, GERMAN–Wilson–Saxon Mining Collectibles–MARCH 2022

BADGE-Lorah and Johnson-New Jersey Zinc Co. EUREKA-21 JAN 1997
BADGE-Town-Clay Miners EUREKA-25 JAN 1998
BADGES–Collins–Elk’s Activity Ribbon and Badges–JUNE 2006

BADGES-Johnson-Coal and Iron Police Badges EUREKA-30 APRIL 1999

BADGES-Johnson-Mine Inspector Badges EUREKA-30 APRIL 1999
BADGES-Johnson-The Coal and Iron Police EUREKA-21 JAN 1997
BADGES–Johnson–Mineral Railroad & Mining Co–OCT 1999
BADGES-Stutzer-Miners Badges EUREKA-6 APRIL 1993


BADGES-Voelker-Halfbreed Cu-Ag Badge EUREKA-7 JULY 1993


BANNERS–Collins–Local Union Banners–JUNE 2006


BASKETS–Johnson–Dry House and Miners’ Baskets–SPRING 2003




BELT BUCKLES-Griffin-Mining Belt Buckles MAC-17 WINTER 1993


BEER STEINS–Wilson–German Miners’ Beer Steins–SEPT 2022


BIOGRAPHY–Schillinger–H.F.Brown, Mining Engineer, Disaster Magnet and Artist–MARCH 2022


BLASTING-Beck-Freund Patent Powder Knife EUREKA-7 JULY 1993


BLASTING-Blythe-Aetna Powder Co. Factory Photos EUREKA-13 JAN 1995
BLASTING-Bobrink-Blasters Handbooks MAC-4 SUMMER 1989
BLASTING-Bobrink-Doyle and Buckley Fuse Igniter MAC-18 SPRING 1993


BLASTING-Bohannan-Acme Powder Co. MAC-6 WINTER 1990
BLASTING-Bohannan-Baker and Hamilton Co. MAC-13-WINTER 1992

BLASTING-Bohannan-Black Powder Blasting MAC-10 WINTER 1991
BLASTING-Bohannan-Blasting Cap Crimpers MAC-1 FALL 1998


BLASTING-Bohannan-Blasting Galvanometers MAC-7 SPRING 1990


BLASTING-Bohannan-Calif. Vigorite Powder Co. MAC-6 WINTER 1990


BLASTING-Bohannan-Cartridge Pins MAC-13-WINTER 1992


BLASTING-Bohannan-Climax Fuse Company MAC-1 FALL 1998


BLASTING-Bohannan-Dating Dynamite Boxes MAC-1 FALL 1998


BLASTING-Bohannan-Dynamite Box Sizes MAC-3 SPRING 1989


BLASTING-Bohannan-Giant Dynamite Box MAC-2 WINTER 1989
BLASTING-Bohannan-Giant Powder Co. MAC-16 FALL 1992
BLASTING-Bohannan-Hecla Powder Company MAC-22 SPRING 1994

BLASTING-Bohannan-Hot-Wire Fise Lighter MAC-4 SUMMER 1989
BLASTING-Bohannan-Judson Dynamite and Powder Co. MAC-2 WINTER 1989
BLASTING-Bohannan-Miller Cap Protectors MAC-20 FALL 1993
BLASTING-Bohannan-New York Powder Co. MAC-15 SUMMER 1992
BLASTING-Bohannan-Powder Keg Labels MAC-11 SPRING 1991
BLASTING-Bohannan-Powder Thawers MAC-2 WINTER 1989
BLASTING-Bohannan-Safety Fuse MAC-5 FALL 1989


BLASTING-Bohannan-Safety Nitro Powder Co. MAC-11 SPRING 1991
BLASTING-Griffin-Collecting Blasting Stuff in Nevada MAC-16 FALL 1992


BLASTING-Griffin-Earthquake Boxes CMR-6 MAY 1998


BLASTING-Griffin-Fuse Boxes CMR-5 FALL 1997


BLASTING-Griffin-Monite Explosives Co. MAC-14 SPRING 1992


BLASTING-Griffin-Tonite Smokeless Blasting Mixture CMR-2 WINTER 1997


BLASTING-Hooks-Powder Thawer MAC-18 SPRING 1993


BLASTING-Jensen-Griffin–Collecting in Nevada MAC-17 WINTER 1993


BLASTING-Johnson-Blasting Tools and Patents EUREKA-15 JULY-1995


BLASTING-Kremer-Bobrink–Atlas Powder Box Blueprints MAC-17 WINTER 1993

BLASTING-Martin-Coalite EUREKA-27 JULY 1998


BLASTING-Martin-Preserving Wooden Artifacts CMR-1 FALL 1996


BLASTING–Douglas Miller–Hercules Powder Company–12-12-2022


BLASTING—Douglas Miller—History of explosives and blasting caps—8-8-2023

BLASTING-Mitchell-Coalite, Atlas Explosives EUREKA-26 APRIL 1998


BLASTING-Mitchell-The Hammond Safety Explosives Box EUREKA-5 WINTER 1993
BLASTING-Puson-Miners Needle, Squib EUREKA-26 APRIL 1998
BLASTING-Ross-Squibs MAC-5 FALL 1989

BLASTING-Schroth-Aetna Powder Co. and Aetna Explosives Co. EUREKA-21 JAN 1997
BLASTING-Schroth-Blasting Machines EUREKA-23 JULY-1997
BLASTING-Schroth-Cap and Fuse Blasting EUREKA-9 JAN 1994
BLASTING-Schroth-Safety Fuse EUREKA-18 APRIL 1996
BLASTING-Schroth-Virgin Collecting Territory EUREKA-14 APRIL 1995

BLASTING-Showengerdt-Kouts–Mine-Ite, a Gresselli Product EUREKA-25 JAN 1998
BLASTING-Stambaugh-Matthews Fuse Lighters MAC-10 WINTER 1991
BLASTING-Stolberg-Blasters Rheostadts by Atlas, Hercules, DuPont EUREKA-11 APRIL 1994
BLASTING-Stolberg-Fidelity Electric Company Blasters EUREKA-8 OCT 1993

BLASTING-Stranko-Mini-Twister Blaster EUREKA-27 JULY 1998
BLASTING–Stranko–The Pull Up Blasting Machine–SUMMER 2002
BLASTING-Thorpe-Amer. Safety Mine Appliance Co. MAC-10 WINTER 1991

BLASTING-Thorpe-Evaluating a Dynamite Box EUREKA-24 OCT 1997
BLASTING-Twitty-Austin Powder Co. 1883-1960 CMR-2 WINTER 1997
BLASTING-Twitty-California Powder Works CMR-4 SUMMER 1997
BLASTING-Twitty-Columbia Powder Co. 1935-1958 EUREKA-15 JULY-1995
BLASTING-Twitty-Halifax Explosives Co. 1936-1938 EUREKA-13 JAN 1995
BLASTING-Twitty-Illinois Powder Co. 1907-1958 EUREKA-13 JAN 1995
BLASTING-Twitty-Liberty Powder Co. 1931-1959
BLASTING-Twitty-Monite Explosives 1925-1933 CMR-1 FALL 1996
BLASTING-Twitty-Permissible Explosives EUREKA-10 APRIL 1994
BLASTING-Twitty-Safety Blasting Machines CMR-5 FALL 1997
BLASTING-Twitty-The Electric Blasting Cap CMR-3 SPRING 1997
BLASTING-Twitty-The Vulcan Powder Co. 1878-1902 CMR-6 MAY 1998
BLASTING-Van Fleet-Exploder Tokens Book MAC-8 SUMMER 1990
BLASTING-Van Fleet-Hardsocg Powder Flask EUREKA-12 OCT 1994
BLASTING-Van Fleet-Squib Tins EUREKA-11 APRIL 1994
BLASTING–Werner–The Pioche Powder Magazine–JUNE 2006
BLASTING-White-The Pull-up Blaster MAC-3 SPRING 1989
BLASTING-White–Victor Magneto Blaster MAC-4 SUMMER 1989
BLASTING-Wilson-Miners Fuse Lock MAC-16 FALL 1992

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