Eureka! magazine was founded in 1992 by Dave Thorpe, James Van Fleet and Dave Johnson, and published as a paper magazine until 2000, when it was converted to an all-digital online publication. That website was shut down in late 2022 and, by permission from Dave Thorpe, the content has been transferred here, to be hosted by the Mineralogical RecordNew articles of interest to mining artifact collectors and historians are welcome and may be submitted to Wendell Wilson at

The Mining Artifact Collector magazine was founded in the Fall of 1988 by Ted Bobrink, Len Gaska, Jim Steinberg and Mark Bohannan, with subsequent help from Wendell Wilson, Tony Moon and Deric English. It lasted until Spring 1994 (22 issues). We have had all of those pre-digital issues scanned (with Ted’s permission) as well as the pre-digital Eureka! issues, through the generosity of Doug Miller, and have posted them here as well.  A third journal, The Collector’s Mining Review, was founded in Fall 1996 by Lane Griffin, Eric Twitty and Deric English; it lasted until December 1998 (8 issues). We have, with permission, scanned and posted those issues here as well. But the granddaddy of all mining artifact publications was Henry Pohs’ newsletter for collectors, entitled The Underground Lamp Post, published from 1968 until Henry’s death in 1999 (62 issues). Our thanks to Hal Post for having had the whole run scanned, and to Eloise Pohs for giving us permission to post that publication here as well, making the Eureka! Web page the world’s most comprehensive archive of information for the collector of mining artifacts and memorabilia. Enjoy! And while you’re at it, please check out some of the other publications and databases offered by the Mineralogical Record.

   Full Issues by Date

  Eureka! Issues

2022-September EUREKA Issue no. 54
2022-March EUREKA Issue no. 53
2021-July EUREKA Issue no. 52
2021-May EUREKA Issue no. 51
2021-February EUREKA Issue no. 50
2016-October EUREKA Issue no. 49
2015-July EUREKA Issue no. 48
2015-July EUREKA Issue no. 47
2013-January EUREKA Issue no. 46 Part II
2013-January EUREKA Issue no. 46
2008-October EUREKA Issue no. 45
2008-January EUREKA Issue no. 44
2006-June EUREKA Issue no. 43
2004- Summer EUREKA Issue no. 42
2004-Winter EUREKA Issue no. 41
2003-Summer EUREKA Issue no. 40
2002-Summer EUREKA Issue no. 39
2002-Spring EUREKA Issue no 38
2001-Summer EUREKA Issue no. 37
2001-Spring EUREKA Issue no. 36
2000-Summer Fall EUREKA Issue no. 35
2000-April EUREKA Issue no. 34
2000-January EUREKA Issue no. 33
1999-October EUREKA Issue no. 32
1999-August EUREKA Issue no. 31
1999-April EUREKA Issue no. 30
1999-January EUREKA Issue no. 29
1998-October EUREKA Issue no. 28
1998-July EUREKA Issue no. 27
1998-April EUREKA Issue no. 26
1998-EUREKA Index 1-25
1998 January EUREKA Issue no. 25
1997-October EUREKA Issue no. 24
1997-July EUREKA Issue no. 23
1997-April EUREKA Issue no. 22
1997-January EUREKA Issue no. 21
1996-October EUREKA Issue no. 20
1996-July EUREKA Issue no. 19
1996-April EUREKA Issue no. 18
1996-January EUREKA Issue no. 17
1995-October EUREKA Issue no. 16
1995-July EUREKA Issue no. 15
1995-April EUREKA Issue no. 14
1995-January EUREKA Issue no. 13
1994-October EUREKA Issue no. 12
1994-July EUREKA Issue no. 11
1994-April EUREKA Issue no. 10
1994-January EUREKA Issue no. 9
1993-October EUREKA Issue no. 8
1993-July EUREKA Issue no. 7
1993-April EUREKA Issue no. 6
1993-Winter EUREKA Issue no. 5
1992-October EUREKA Issue no. 4
1992-July EUREKA Issue no. 3
1992-April EUREKA Issue no. 2
1992-January EUREKA Issue no. 1


Mining Artifact Collector Issues


1994-Spring Mining Artifact Collector no. 22
1994-Winter Mining Artifact Collector no. 21
1993-Fall Mining Artifact Collector no. 20
1993-Summer Mining Artifact Collector no. 19
1993-Spring Mining Artifact Collector no. 18
1993-Winter Mining Artifact Collector no. 17
1992-Fall Mining Artifact Collector no. 16
1992-Summer Mining Artifact Collector no. 15
1992-Spring Mining Artifact Collector no. 14
1992-Winter Mining Artifact Collector no. 13
1991-Summer Mining Artifact Collector no. 12
1991-Spring Mining Artifact Collector no. 11
1991-Winter Mining Artifact Collector no. 10
1994-Mining Artifact Collector INDEX 1-9
1990-Fall Mining Artifact Collector no. 9
1990-Summer Mining Artifact Collector no. 8
1990-Spring Mining Artifact Collector no. 7
1990-Winter Mining Artifact Collector no. 6
1989-Fall Mining Artifact Collector no. 5
1989-Summer Mining Artifact Collector no. 4
1989-Spring Mining Artifact Collector no. 3
1989-Winter Mining Artifact Collector no. 2
1988-Fall Mining Artifact Collector no. 1

Collector’s Mining Review Issues


1998-December Collectors Mining Review no. 8
1998-August Collectors Mining Review no. 7
1998-May Collectors Mining Review no. 6
1997-Fall Collectors Mining Review no. 5
1997-Summer Collectors Mining Review no. 4
1997-Spring Collectors Mining Review no. 3
1997-Winter Collectors Mining Review no. 2
1996-Fall Collectors Mining Review no. 1

The Underground Lamp Post Issues

1999-Henry Poh’s Obituary Feb 1999
1998- Fall 1998
1998-Spring 1998
1997-Fall 1997
1997-Spring 1997
1996-Fall 1996
1996-Spring 1996
1995-Fall 1995
1995-Spring 1995
1994-Fall 1994
1994-Spring 1994
1993-Fall 1993
1993-Spring 1993
1992-Fall 1992
1992-Spring 1992
1991-Fall 1991
1991-Spring 1991
1990-Fall 1990
1990-Spring 1990
1989-Fall 1989
1989-Spring 1989
1988-Fall 1988
1988-Spring 1988
1987-Fall 1987
1987-Spring 1987
1986-Fall 1986
1986-Spring 1986
1985-Fall 1985
1985-Spring 1985
1984-Fall 1984
1984-Spring 1984
1983-Fall 1983
1983-Spring 1983
1982-Fall 1982
1982-Spring 1982
1981-Fall 1981
1981-Spring 1981
1980-Fall 1980
1980-Spring 1980
1979-Fall 1979
1979-Spring 1979

1978-Fall 1978

1978-Spring 1978
1977-Fall 1977
1977-Spring 1977
1976-Fall 1976
1976-Spring 1976
1975-Fall 1975
1975-Spring 1975
1974-Fall 1974
1974-Spring 1974
1973-Fall 1973
1973-Spring 1973
1972-Fall 1972
1972-Spring 1972
1971-Fall 1971
1971-Spring 1971
1970-Fall 1970
1970-Spring 1970

1969-Fall 1969
1969-Spring 1969
1968-Fall 1968

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