Eureka magazine was founded in 1992 and published by David Thorpe as a paper magazine until 2000, when it was converted to an all-digital online publication.  That website was shut down in late 2022 and, by permission from Dave, the content has been transferred here, to be hosted by the Mineralogical Record.  New articles of interest to mining artifact collectors and historians are welcome and may be submitted to Wendell Wilson at

            Articles by Category

ADDRESS TAG–Click–Mining House Address Tag–SUMMER 2002

ANEMOMETER–Johnson–Pocket Anemometer–SUMMER 2002
ANEMOMETERS–Johnson–Anemometers as a Mining Collectible–SUMMER 2001
ANIMALS–Bobrink-Stambaugh–Animal Assistants in Mining–APR 2000

BADGES–Johnson–Mineral Railroad & Mining Co–OCT 1999

BASKETS–Johnson–Dry House and Miners’ Baskets–SPRING 2003

BLASTING–Corbridge–A Nice Group of Blasting Items–SUMMER 2000

BLASTING–Stranko–The Pull Up Blasting Machine–SUMMER 2002

BUCKETS–Stambaugh–Western Hardware Bucket in Copper–SPRING 2003

CANDLE BOX–Stambaugh-The Comstock Box–SPRING 2003

CANDLESTICKS–Bohannon–Manufactured Carbide Lamp Candlesticks–Spring 2001

CANDLESTICKS–Bowman–Abbreviated stick–SPRING 2002
CANDLESTICKS–Brady-Bobrink–Antonio Viera Stick–SUMMER 2000

CANDLESTICKS–Brady–Used Candlesticks–SUMMER 2000

CANDLESTICKS–Dick–Carl A. Rosenholz Sticks–SUMMER 2001

CANDLESTICKS–Johnson–A Tiny Fancy Candlestick–SPRING 2003

CANDLESTICKS–Stambaugh–Amede Bernier Patented Candlestick–SUMMER 2001

CANDLESTICKS—Stambaugh–eBay Purchase Yields Bit of Publicity–SPRING 2003

CANDLESTICKS–Stambaugh–David Bice James Candlesticks–SPRING 2001
CANDLESTICKS–Stambaugh–Launder candlestick–JAN 2000

CANDLESTICKS–Thorpe–C. Cleaves Identified–SPRING 2001

CANDLESTICKS–Thorpe–Cleaves Candlesticks, A Comparison–SUMMER 2001

CAP TINS–Blythe–Canadian Cap Tins – Updated–SPRING 2003
CAP TINS–Hostlaw–Latest Cap Tin Finds–JAN 2000

CAP TINS–Martin–Cap Tins Reported in 1999–APR 2000

CARBIDE–Bobrink–Personalized Justrite Lamp, Old Dominion mine AZ–JAN 2000

CARBIDE–Bohannon–Manufactured Carbide Lamp Candlesticks–SPRING 2001
CARBIDE-Click–Beall Bros Red Star–JAN 2000
CARBIDE–Click–First complete Red Star–JAN 2000

CARBIDE–Corbridge–A Possible Missing Link–SUMMER 2000
CARBIDE–Corbridge–Big Boy Insert–OCT 1999
CARBIDE–Corbridge–British Carbide Tins – Recent Additions–OCT 1999

CARBIDE–Corbridge–British Carbide Tins–SUMMER 2000

CARBIDE–Corbridge–Carbide lamps manuf’d by John Davis – Derby Ltd–APR 2000
CARBIDE–Corbridge–Hailwood & Ackroyd Cap Lamp–OCT 1999
CARBIDE-Corbridge–Imperial Light – Allen Liversidge Update–OCT 1999

CARBIDE–Corbridge–More cast aluminum lamps–APR 2000

CARBIDE–Corbridge–The Wolf of Leeds Colibri No. 85 Cap Lamp–JAN 2000

CARBIDE–Corbridge–Unknown British Carbide Lamp Patterns–SUMMER 2001

CARBIDE–Johnson–A Tiny Fancy Candlestick–SPRING 2002

CARBIDE–Johnson–Allen-Liversidge Carbide Cap Lamps–SUMMER 2002

CARBIDE–Johnson–An Early Baldwin Lamp–Summer 2000

CARBIDE–Johnson–Guy’s Dropper No. 100 Superintendant’s lamp and box–JAN 2000
CARBIDE–Johnson–Wolf Carbide Lamp from Poland–JAN 2000

CARBIDE–Stambaugh–A Different Jifft Base–Summer 2000
CARBIDE–Stutzer–Silver presentation piece from Zacatecas, Mex.–JAN 2000
CARBIDE–Thorpe–Hansen Variation–SPRING 2001

CARBIDE–Thorpe–Hazletins–SUMMER 2000
CARBIDE–Thorpe–Indiana Roach patent–SUMMER 2001
CARBIDE–Thorpe–Justrite’s Jiffy container lamps–JAN 2000

CARBIDE–Thorpe–Maple City on a Stick–SPRING 2003
CARBIDE–Thorpe–William Frisbie’s X-RAY Lamps–APR 2000

CARBIDE–Thorpe-Johnson–Are There Variations of the Imperial–SPRING 2002

CARBIDE–The Miner’s Oil Wick Lamp of Peter & Adam Good–OCT 1999

CIGARETTE CARDS–McCabe–Mining Cigarette Cards–SPRING 2000

CLINOMETER–Johnson–Mining Clinometer–SUMMER 2002

COMPASSES–Johnson–Two Engraved Mine Surveying Compasses–SUMMER 2002

COMPRESSOR–Schroth–Air Compressor–SPRING 2003

DIP NEEDLE–Johnson–Lake Superior Model Miners’ Dip Needle–SUMMER 2002
ELECTRIC–Johnson–Draeger Electric Mine Lamp–JAN 2000

FIELD TRIP–Stranko–Exploring the Fan House at the Huber Colliery–SPRING 2003

FIELD TRIP–Thorpe–Tombstone, First Descent–SPRING 2003

FIELD TRIPS–Bobrink–Bobrink Hits Pay Dirt in Calico–SUMMER 2001

FIELD TRIPS–Bobrink–Calico III–SPRING 2001

FIELD TRIPS–Roberts–Count Dracula’s Mining Connection–SUMMER 2001

FUSE–Town–Coast Manufacturing & Supply Co–SPRING 2003

HATS-Bobrink–The Earliest Miner’s Hat–SUMMER 2000

HOISTING–Bobrink–Collecting Mine Hoist Level Indicators–SUMMER 2002

INGOTS–Johnson–Candelaria Mining Co. Silver Ingot–SUMMER 2000

INGOTS–Johnson–Pittsburg & Montana Copper Co.–SUMMER 2001
INGOTS–Johnson–Quincy Mining Co. Ingot–OCT 1999

MATCH SAFES–Schroth–Mining Related Match Safes–SPRING 2003

MICHIGAN COPPER MINING–Johnson–North America’s First Metal Miners–SPRING 2001

MINERALS–Johnson–Native Copper Mining Artifacts–APR 2000

MISC–Auer–Clothed Skeleton Found in Mine–SPRING 2002

MISC–Boelter–Claim markers, an accidental collection–SPRING 2002
MISC–Johnson–Peabody Coal Co–OCT 1999
MISC–Kraft–The Carlisle Spedding Steel Mill–OCT 1999
OBITUARY–John Johnson–OCT 1999

OIL WICK–Bobrink–Oil wick tail lamp–SPRING 2002
OIL WICK–Horning–The Typical Oil Wick Lamp of the Skanska Colliery in Sweden–JAN 2000
OIL WICK–Hyatt–The Miner’s Oil Wick Lamp of Peter & Adam Good–OCT 1999

OIL WICK–Johnson–C. B. Porter Oil Wick Lamp–SPRING 2003

OIL WICK–Johnson–Double Spout Oil Wick–APR 2000

OIL WICK–Johnson–J.A. Williams Oil Wick Lamp–SPRING 2001

OIL WICK–Johnson–John Spence oil wick and safety lamp–APR 2000

OIL WICK–Johnson–Lamp Restoration – Before & After–SPRING 2002

OIL WICK–Johnson–Lehigh Valley Coal Advertising Oil Wick Lamp–SPRING 2001
OIL WICK–Johnson–Railroad Inspection Torches With a Mining Link–OCT 1999

OIL WICK–Stutzer–Lenticular lamps–APR 2000
ORE CARS–Bobrink–Ore Car Tags–OCT 1999

ORE CARS–Bobrink etc–Miniature Heavies–SUMMER 2002

POSTCARDS–Thorpe–Into the Calumet and Jerome–SPRING 2002

POWDER BOX–Bobrink–Found at the Silver King–SPRING 2001

POWDER BOXES–Bohannon-A Safety Nitro Size 2 Date Giant Box-OCT 1999

POWDER BOXES–Crawford–New Empire Box–SPRING–2003

RESTORATION–Johnson–Lamp Restoration – Before & After–SPRING 2002

RIBBONS–Collins–Early life in a mining town–SPRING 2002
SAFETY LAMPS–Horning–Methods of Lighting Miners’ Safety-Lamps- OCT 1999

SAFETY LAMPS–Johnson–John Spence oil wick and safety lamp–APR 2000
SAFETY LAMPS–Johnson–Vest-Pocket Safety Lamp–SPRING 2002

SAFETY LAMPS–Ressler–Quirin–The First American Surveyor’s Safety Lamp–SPRING 2001

SAFETY LAMPS–Stranko–George Bevan’s Lamp–SPRING 2001

SAFETY LAMPS–Stranko–Squalus Koehler Lamp or a Hoax–SPRING 2001

SAFETY LAMPS–Stutzer–A Patented Clanny Lamp–APR 2000
SAFETY LAMPS–Stutzer–Unusual Safety–JAN 2000

SHOW–Horning–9th German Miners Day in Herne, Germany–SPRING 2001
SHOW REPORT–Johnson–Louisville 1999–JAN 2000

SHOWS–Lindberg–Johnstown Show 10-02–SPRING 2001

SHOWS–Mallicoat–Western Mining Artifact Collectors Show–SUMMER 2002

SHOWS–Thorpe–Tucson 2002–SPRING 2002

STEREOCARDS–Thorpe–The Hoosac Tunnel–SUMMER 2000

TIMBERING–Bobrink–1880s Squaresets–SPRING 2003
TOBACCO–Sears–Another Miner’s Lamp Related Tobacco Item–SPRING 2001

TOMBSTONE RUBBINGS–Bohannon–Tombstone Rubbings–SPRING 2001

TOOLS–Beck–Mazatzal Mtns Discovery–APR 2000

TOOLS–Bobrink–A ca1900 Manufactured Gold Dry Washer–SUMMER 2000

TOOLS–Bobrink–Miner’s 1880’s Tricks Of The Trade–SUMMER 2002

TOOLS–Bohannon-Brady–Erbele Fuse Pliers–SPRING 2003
TOOLS–Bohannon–The Moodey Patented Cap Crimper–OCT 1999

TOOLS–Brady–Spanish Instrument–SUMMER 2000
TOOLS–Click–Clickster’s Tool Chest–OCT 1999

TOOLS–Click–Shanklin Knife–SUMMER 2002

TOOLS–Davis–The Pelton Water Wheel–SUMMER 2001

TOOLS–Johnson–Henry Boker Blasting Tool–SPRING 2002

TOOLS–Johnson–Patented Powder Can–SPRING 2009
TOOLS–Kraft-Samay–Spedding Steel Mill Replica Project November 20, 1999–JAN 2000

TOOLS–McCabe–Hickie Miner’s Knife–SUMMER 2002

TOOLS–McCabe–Improved Miner’s Combination Pocket Tool–SUMMER 2002
TOOLS–Schon–Gorman bellows–JAN 2000

TOOLS-Stambaugh–Collecting hammers–APR 2000
TOOLS–Stambaugh–Freund Patent Miner’s Knife, Durango, Colo–JAN 2000