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ExtraLapis English: Amethyst--Uncommon Vintage

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The Mineralogical Record Bookstore: ExtraLapis English: Amethyst--Uncommon Vintage - H. A. Gilg, S. Liebtrau, G. A. Staebler and T. Wilson (editors)

Softcover, 128 pages
Published by Lithographie Ltd.
ISBN 978-0-9836323-2-0
Dimensions 8.2 x 11.7 (inches)
Price $30.00

ExtraLapis English: Amethyst--Uncommon Vintage

by H. A. Gilg, S. Liebtrau, G. A. Staebler and T. Wilson (editors)

Entry No. 16 in the ExtraLapis-English series of softcover, magazine-format books is devoted entirely to Amethyst, the royal-purple variety of quartz. The magnificently illustrated chapters are as follows:

Amethyst: Wine, Women and Stone
In the Beginning: The Origins of Amethyst
An Overview of the Mineralogy and Curious Optical Properties of Amethyst.
Ancient Gems: Egyptian Amethyst
The Old World Rocks—A Gallery of Classics
The Purple Treasures of Guerrero and Veracruz, Mexico
Amethyst of the American West
Purple Rain:Thunder Bay Amethyst
Collecting Thunder Bay
Westward Ho! From the Mountains of Germany to the Parana Basin
Blue Flash and Red Fire: Mining Jacksons Crossroads Amethyst
Namibia's Famous Amethyst
Cactus Quartz—South African Succulence
Twisted Sisters: Malagasy Amethyst
Hourglass Figures—Bou Oudi Amethyst
Amethyst: A Glossary of Terms

As usual with this series, the paper is glossy and high-quality, the articles are readable and relatively non-technical, and the color photography is superb. This is one of Lithographie's best installments.

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