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The Petrographic Microscope

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The Mineralogical Record Bookstore: The Petrographic Microscope - Daniel E. Kile

Softcover, 96 pages
1 edition, 2003
Published by The Mineralogical Record, Inc.
Dimensions 8 x 10.9 (inches)
Price $20.00

The Petrographic Microscope

by Daniel E. Kile

Dan Kile's masterful monograph on the petrographic microscope, subtitled "Evolution of a Mineralogical Research Instrument," was published as the very first supplement to the Mineralogical Record, accompanying the November-December 2003 issue. It is illustrated with dozens of color photographs of beautiful antique instruments and accessories. (NOTE: An addendum was published in vol. 44, no. 3, p. 303-322 of the Mineralogical Record.)

The contents are as follows:

I. Introduction
II. Characteristics of the petrographic microscope
III. Properties observable with the petrographic microscope:
-----Plane-polarized light;
-----Cross polarized light/orthoscopic
-----Cross polarized light/conoscopic
IV. Historical development of the petrographic microscope
-----Evolution through the early 1900s
-----Mechanical development of the petrographic microscope
-----Development of reflected light techniques
V. Manufacturers of petrographic microscopes
VI. Accessories for the petrographic microscope
-----Common petrographic accessories
-----Rotational devices
----------One-axis or two-axis devices
----------Universal stage
----------Spindle stage; Miers goniometer
-----Integrating stages
-----Rotating compensators:
-----Michel-Levy comparator
-----Auxiliary devices for interference figures and optic angle
-----Wright eyepiece
-----Accessories for ore/reflected light microscopy
----------Visual microphotometer: Berek; Hallimond
----------Elliptical analyzer
----------Straumanis rotating stage
----------Leitz two-axis universal stage, UTR-2
-----Microscope slides
VII. Evaluation and restoration
VIII. Conclusions and epilogue
IX. Acknowledgements
X. References

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