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ExtraLapis English: Nevada -- Jackpot!

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The Mineralogical Record Bookstore: ExtraLapis English: Nevada -- Jackpot! - Clifford, J. H., Cook, R. B., and Staebler, G. A., with Bunk, D. W. (Editors)

Softcover, 128 pages
Published by Lithographie, Ltd.
Dimensions 8.3 x 11.7 (inches)
Price $35.00

ExtraLapis English: Nevada -- Jackpot!

by Clifford, J. H., Cook, R. B., and Staebler, G. A., with Bunk, D. W. (Editors)

Here is yet another glossy, high-quality review in the ExtraLapis English series (though they no longer bear that title): this one devoted to the collectible minerals and mineral localities of Nevada. As always, the writing is interesting and collector-friendly, and the photography of specimens and localities is first rate. Contents are as follows:

A Brief Geology of the Great Basin State (by Gregory C. Ferdock)
The Olinghouse District (by Alan R. Day & Warren Wright Parks III)
Lincoln County Silver Mines (by Neil Prenn)
Book and Bust -- White Pine County (by Neil Prenn)
Collecting Almandine at Garnet Hill (by Marty Houhoulis)
The State of Stibnite (by Bob Byers)
A Pair of Aces: Turquoise and Opal (by Janet Clifford)
Round Mountain Gold (by Scott Werschky)
The Majuba Hill Mine (by Neil Prenn, Forrest Cureton & Joe Marty)
Hallelujah Junction (by Rick Kennedy & Joe George)
The Zapot Pegmatite [excerpted from the Mineralogical Record]
Nevada -- America's other Golden State (by Robert B. Cook)
The Meikle Mine (by Jane Koepp Jones, Casey Jones & Janet H. Clifford)
Nevada Mineral Gallery (with text by Scott Werschkey)
Wandering the Silver State (by Gloria A. Staebler)

A folding map of "Nevada Mineral Localities" by Bill Besse is included in a map pocket.

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