World Directory of Mineral Collections
Hardcover, 293 pages
edition, 1994
Published by Mineralogical Record
Dimensions 6 x 9.3 (inches)
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World Directory of Mineral Collections
by O. V. Peterson, M. Deliens, A. R. Kampf, H.-J. Schubnel and F. L. Sutherland for the International Mineralogical Association

The International Mineralogical Association’s comprehensive World Directory of Mineral Collections (third edition) was assembled under the direction of Ole Petersen, curator of the Geologisk Museum in Oslo, Norway. It is a standard reference providing essential data on 444 mineral museums in the United States and 31 foreign countries, including their histories, staff members, addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, the size and orientation of their mineral collections, the services they provide and their hours.