Pegmatites and Their Gem Minerals
Hardcover, 602 pages
1 edition, 2022
Published by Mineralogical Association of Canada Special Publication 15
Dimensions 8.25 by 11.75 by 1.25 (inches)
Price $125.00
Pegmatites and Their Gem Minerals
by Michael Menzies and Jeffrey Scovil

Lead author Michael Menzies has partnered with Jeff Scovil to produce an outstanding tour-de-force on the subject of pegmatites, perfect for members of the mineral collecting community who wish to improve the scientific aspects of their connoisseurship. Although it is primarily an educational publication targeted at the interested amateur or the professional geologist who does not have specific expertise on this subject, Pegmatites and their Gem Minerals presents itself as a beautiful coffee table book with a colorfully printed hard cover and outstanding photography (primarily by the coauthor) throughout. This book will teach you things and look good doing it!

Pegmatites and their Gem Minerals is a well-written and beautifully produced reference on this important subject in specimen mineralogy. It contains an excellent glossary and index, so it’s easy to find information you are looking for. I would certainly recommend this book to anyone who seeks a good place to begin exploring the subject of pegmatites as sources of fine minerals and gems!

Chris Stefano