Mineral Collections in Texas III, v51 n6.1- Hardcover
Hardcover, 288 pages
1 edition, 2020
Published by Mineralogical Record
Dimensions 8.25 x 11 inches (inches)
Price $85.00
Mineral Collections in Texas III, v51 n6.1- Hardcover
by (Ed.) Wendell E. Wilson

This hardcover version of the supplement to the 2020 November-December issue, Mineral Collections in Texas-III showcases the collections of 50 Texans as well as the collection of the Perot Museum in Dallas—itself a proponent of displaying specimens on loan from private collections. At 288 pages it features photos of another 600 specimens, including examples from the collections of some of the youngest advanced collectors in the hobby today.

Together the three Texas supplements—771 pages showing 1,900 specimens, entirely funded by the participants themselves—form an unprecedented record of mineral collecting, by far the most detailed documentation of mineral specimens held by private individuals in any geographical area in the Western Hemisphere and probably the world. The recorded provenance of these specimens will echo across future centuries and will be especially important for the “first generation” specimens that went directly from being mined to a dealer intermediary to the first collector to own them. They will stand as ample evidence that we are truly living in a Golden Age of mineral collecting.

To all of the Texas collectors who have participated in these supplements, a sincere thank-you for so graciously sharing your passion for minerals with the rest of us. You will be remembered.

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