Mineral Collections in Australia, v51 n5.1  <b>SORRY! SOLD OUT!</b>
Softcover, 128 pages
1 edition, 2020
Published by Mineralogical Record, Inc.
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Mineral Collections in Australia, v51 n5.1 SORRY! SOLD OUT!
by Robert Sielecki (organizer) & Wendell Wilson (editor)

This supplement on Mineral Collections in Australia begins with a historical review of mineral collecting in that country, from the first big gold nuggets to the establishment of important mineral museums and the growth of private collections over the last century. Then comes an album of lavish photography of nearly 400 of the best specimens in the collections of 23 private individuals and four museums (The Australian Museum, the Geoscience Australia Museum, the Museums Victoria, and the South Australian Museum). At the end is a bibliography of 49 articles on Australian minerals and localities published in the Mineralogical Record over the last half-century. This publication is a unique and beautiful record of a treasure trove of fine mineral specimens rarely, if ever, seen by the public.

Mineral Collections in Australia is a supplement to the September-October 2020 issue of the Mineralogical Record.