Ikons!  Supplement to January-February 2007 (Available only in DIGITAL)
Softcover, 192 pages
1 edition, 2007
Published by Mineralogical Record
Dimensions PDF (inches)
Price $35.00
Ikons! Supplement to January-February 2007 (Available only in DIGITAL)
by Wayne A. Thompson

Ikons!  Classics and Contemporary Masterpieces of Mineralogy by Wayne A. Thompson.

Supplement to Volume 38, January-February, 2007

Edited by: Wendell E. Wilson

Illustrations by: Jeff Scovil, Harold & Erica van Pelt.

Long-time field collector and mineral dealer Wayne Thompson provides something never attempted before: an analysis and categorization of  “world-class” specimens in mineralogy, not by price but by significance.  Having spent most of the last 50 years dealing in this rarified level of commerce, he is well-qualified to discuss details and points of discrimination that concern the elite, top-level connoisseurs.

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