ExtraLapis English: Diamond, the Ultimate Gemstone
Softcover, 152 pages
1 edition, 2017
Published by Lithograhie, Ltd.
Dimensions 8.2 x 11.8 (inches)
Price $40.00
ExtraLapis English: Diamond, the Ultimate Gemstone
by Editors Jeff Harris & Gloria Staebler

Mineral Monograph No. 19 — published by Gloria Staebler’s Lithographie, Ltd. in the mold of the ExtraLapis English books she first began publishing years ago — is all about Diamonds, “the ultimate gemstone.” Fifteen beautifully illustrated chapters by a wide range of authors cover history, geology, mineralogy, inclusions, defects, gemological aspects, synthetics, diamonds in meteorites, great diamond robberies, and specific localities in Africa, Colorado, Arkansas, Russia and Australia. Seven full pages of references are included at the back.

This is a book that can be savored at leisure. Every chapter will contain something of interest, and the massive number of photos gathered (including photos of over 90 natural crystals in a wide range of colors) is an achievement by itself. The design and layout are attractive without being intrusive, and the paper and printing quality are first-class.