DVD:  What’s Hot in Munich 2010
Softcover, 0 pages
edition, 2010
Published by BlueCap Productions
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DVD: What’s Hot in Munich 2010
by Bryan Swoboda

Munich, Germany — Every Fall, four cavernous halls of the Munich Convention Center complex are taken over by Europe’s oldest and largest mineral show. The Münchner Mineralientage (“Munich Mineral Days”) is a spectacular three-day event that combines museum-quality exhibits with great sources of specimens, from top-level mineral dealers down to small-scale field collecting dealers from around the world — plus a whole lot more.

Many American collectors have not had the opportunity to visit this incredible show. “What’s Hot in Munich 2010” brings that fabulous show to you in your living room. If you want to see what all the excitement is about, or if you were fortunate enough to have visited the Munich Show that year and just want to relive the memory, this is the DVD for you.

[Running time: 190 minutes]

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