DVD:  The New Crystal Hunters — Pala
Softcover, 0 pages
edition, 2009
Published by BlueCap Productions
Dimensions 5 x 7.5 (inches)
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DVD: The New Crystal Hunters — Pala
by Bryan Swoboda

Field collecting adventures for kids!

Armed with some digging tools, mining lights and the hope of uncovering crystal treasure, the stars of New Crystal Hunters: Pala take off on an adventure of a lifetime in one of the most famous gem mining areas in America.

Over a three-day period, Brooks, Lauren and Max visit the Oceanview mine and the Pala Chief mine in northern San Diego County, California — home of beautiful gem minerals such as kunzite, aquamarine, morganite and the world-famous Pala-pink tourmalines.

From sifting through mine tailings, to going deep underground at an actual working mine, learning about dynamite and digging out their very own crystal pocket, there’s nothing these kids won’t do to uncover their own treasures.

New Crystal Hunters: Pala is part of an on-going series of educational DVD programs where kids get to search for their very own crystalline treasures around the world. Each episode provides all the contact information you need to get out of the house and become a New Crystal Hunter!

[Running time: 120 minutes]

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