Back Issues — Vol.21, No.1   1990
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Twentieth Anniversary Issue
Vol.21, No.1
January - February 1990
Twentieth Anniversary Issue
Title Page number(s)
Twenty Years of Abundance
Wendell E. Wilson
2- 4
Notes From the Editor
Wendell E. Wilson
4- 6
Connoisseurship in Minerals
Wendell E. Wilson
7- 12
Washington A. Roebling, His Life and His Mineral Collection
Arthur Roe
13- 30
Frederick A. Canfield, His Life and His Mineral Collection
Arthur Roe
31- 39
The Final Disposition of Some American Collections of Minerals
Frederick A. Canfield
41- 46, 39
Clarence S. Bement, the Consummate Collector
Joseph J. Peters, Charles L. Pearson
47- 62
L'Exposition Universelle de 1900, Paris: the Greatest Mineral Show of All Time
Wendell E. Wilson
63- 82
A Collecting Trip Through Transylvania & Hungary, 1802
Edward Daniel Clarke
83- 95
What's New in Minerals? (Department)
Denver Show 1989
Wendell E. Wilson
96- 98
Abstracts of the 11th Annual FM-TGMS-MSA Mineralogical Symposium: Wulfenite
98- 100