Back Issues — Vol.16, No.5   1985
Vol.16, No.5
September - October 1985
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Notes From the Editor
Wendell E. Wilson
328- 329
Toramalli: a Short History of the Tourmaline Group
Friedrich Benesch, Bernhard Wöhrmann
331- 338
The Tourmaline Group: A Résumé
Richard V. Dietrich
339- 351
Minerals of the Elba [Italy] Pegmatites
Paolo Orlandi, Pier Bruno Scortecci
353- 363
Maine Tourmaline
Carl A. Francis
365- 388
Gem Pegmatites of the Shingus-Dusso Area, Gilgit, Pakistan
Joseph J. Peters, Ali H. Kazmi, Herbert P. Obodda
393- 411
The Tourmalines of Nepal
Allen M. Bassett
413- 418
Recent Work at the Himalaya Mine [California]
Cynthia R. Marcusson
419- 424