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The Sweet Home Mine [Colorado]
Vol.29, No.4
July - August 1998
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The Sweet Home Mine [Colorado]
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Wendell E. Wilson
Bryan K. Lees
The Sweet Home Mine [Colorado], 1873-1989
Steve Voynick
11- 20
New Operations at the Sweet Home Mine [Colorado], 1990-1997
Thomas P. Moore
21- 100
Geology of the Sweet Home Mine and Alma District [Colorado]
Bryan K. Lees, Dean Misantoni, Miles L. Silberman
101- 114
Minerals of the Sweet Home Mine [Colorado]
Jack Murphy, James F. Hurlbut
115- 122
Sweet Home [Colorado] Rhodochrosite-- What Makes it so Cherry Red?
Karen J. Wenrich
123- 127
Ancient Fluids at the Sweet Home mine [Colorado]
T. James Reynolds
127- 132
Crystal Chemistry of Minerals from the Sweet Home Mine [Colorado]
Karen J. Wenrich, Regina Aumente-Modreski
132- 143
The Application of Ground-Penetrating Radar to Mineral Specimen Mining
Bryan K. Lees
145- 150
151- 153