Back Issues — Vol.12, No.6   1981
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November – December 1981    “Rare, only a few left, very good to excellent condition”
Vol.12, No.6
November - December 1981
November - December 1981 "Rare, only a few left, very good to excellent condition"
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The Bunker Hill Mine, Kellogg, Shoshone County, Idaho
Jack A. Crowley, Norman Radford
339- 347
Turquoise Crystals from Britain and a Review of Related Species
Richard S.W. Braithwaite
349- 353
Barite from the Niobec Mine, Chicoutimi, Quebec
Irwin Kennedy, Gilles Gagnon
355- 357
Minerals of the Yates Uranium Mine, Pontiac County, Quebec
Duane L. Leavitt
359- 363
Shavano Peak [Colorado]...a New Mt. Antero?
Henry A. Truebe
365- 367
Ogdensburgite, a New Calcium-Zinc-Ferric Iron Arsenate Mineral from Sterling Hill, New Jersey
Pete J. Dunn
369- 370
Sjögrenite on Pyroaurite from Sterling Hill, New Jersey
Peter B. Leavens, Pete J. Dunn
371- 372
Holdenite from Sterling Hill [New Jersey] and New Chemical Data
Pete J. Dunn
373- 375
Grothine Discredited, Equals Norbergite
John Sampson White
377- 378
Barian Goyazite from Brazil
John Sampson White
Microminerals (Column)
A Mineraliogical Potpourri
William A. Henderson, Jr.
381- 385
What's New in Minerals? (Department)
California Federation Show 1981
Wendell E. Wilson
387- 389
Rochester Symposium 1981
Sharon Cisneros
Letters (Department)
393- 395
Index to Volume Twelve (1981)
397- 398
Suggestions For Authors