Back Issues — Vol.54, No.5   2023
Pink Fluorite!
Vol.54, No.5
September - October 2023
Pink Fluorite!

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The Dry Gill Mine, Caldbeck, Allerdale, Cumbria, England.
Peter S. Burr, J. George Wilson
575- 615
Alpine Pink Fluorite from the New Gotthard Road Tunnel, Switzerland
Wendell E. Wilson
619- 633
A good time was had: An Adventure in Provenance
Anthony Gleckler
635- 640
Alexandre Stuer (1864–1926) Parisian Mineral and Fossil Dealer
Wendell E. Wilson
643- 652
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Scott Rudolph Collection
Steve Smale Collection
Paradise Woods Collection (poster insert)
Notes from the Editors
Died, William Panczner, 84
What's New In Minerals
Ste. Marie aux Mines Show
Thomas P. Moore
655- 677